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Saint-Martin du Mont: Restaurant L’Auberge du Moulin

If you want to get yourself lost in some unknown confines of Bourgogne/Burgundy, live the slow life and savour real traditional food at ridiculously low prices, I would strongly recommend you to discover the minuscule city of Saint-Martin du Mont lost in the middle of Bresse east of Louhans, a region which has given its name to the most famous cicken in the World.

If you opt for a set course you have a choice between three dishes for 15 Euros or four dishes from 20 Euros. Children can have their own menu for 8 Euros!

Wines at the Auberge du Moulin are mainly from the Cote Chalonnaise, probably the best value when it comes to Bourgogne wines. We were quite a few for lunch on a Saturday and we opted for a succulent Givry !er Cru (my own village!), La Renarde, Clos du Cellier aux Moines, Red, 2004.
The perfect wine to go with some really hearty food we ordered:

“Jambon persille au vin de Chablis”/Ham in its own jelly containing parsley and Chablis wine. The Chef, Jean-Jacques Martineau who practically works on his own in his kitchen, makes his own ham from local pigs! A typical Burgundian hors d’oeuvres ( a main dish in many homes!)!

“Terrine au poivre vert”/Green pepper terrine. When you see such a big hors d’oeuvres sitting on the table in front of you, you start wandering if you will be able to go through the whole meal!

“Oeufs Meurette”/Poached eggs served in red wine and mushrooms sauce a garlicked toast. Break the eggs in the sauce first! Another typical Burgundian dish!

“Meli-melo d’escargots et moules, sauce au Roquefort”/Marriage of snails and mussles in Roquefort blue cheese sauce. When sea meets land under the benediction of a ewe!

“Rognons de veau”/Veal Kidneys. Tender and juicy in the perfect cognac and cream sauce. An acquired taste? I did not personally oredered it, but I certainly would not mind!

“Cuisses de Grenouilles”/Froglegs. Another Burgundian specialty with a little accent from the South. Sauteed in olive oil, you eat them with your fingers!

“Cassolette de Saint-Jacques au Noilly Prat”/Scallops in Noilly Prat and cream sauce with a crawfish! Another meeting between land (river, actually!) and sea!

“Salade bressane”/Bresse salad. A very local (we are in the heart of Bresse) hors d’oeuvres which makes for a real meal at home: Ggeens, bacon, poached egg, chicken liver and garlicked toast.

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I have enjoyed a train ride in France...........

by Soulbeckett

Four free spirits on a train. Private room with exactly like the movies.
I know we discussed possibilities of our destinations and finances and time were on a tether.
Orient Express was mentioned like a spark near a fuse.
I need an adventure.
A sturdy craft and some Dramamine.
My wake would be my tracks.

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Best Travel Guide to Paris? (or even France, in general)?

I went to Paris last year and used the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide but was wondering if there's a more detailed one available, it's great for a short trip but I'm looking for one where I could plan a couple months for. Any good suggestions for travel guides??

I used one called "Daytrips France", (by Earl Steinbicker), and found it to be very useful. Two places that I recommend going to, (if you haven't been there already), are: Chantilly, and Giverny. Chantilly is a chateau and Giverny is the Monet garden. Have fun!

Know of any travel guides about backpacking in france?

See, My family and I want to go to france, but we're on a very tight budget. I know I've seen books for people like me, books with information on hostels and cheaper alternatives, etc. If you know of any that you've had good experiences with or your friend has or whatever that would be fantastic! Thank you!!

Greetings - Patrick from footprintsdownunder here - I would sugest getting a lonely planet guide. Also come over to footprints and ask about it in our rave section link below this is a great way to get current travelers to give you advice.

footprints encourage new travelers to ask as many questions as possible, it is one thing to have your own adventure but if you can save money, avoid pit holes and find better places to stay it can only be a good thing.

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