Nice, France Travel Guide

Nice, France – Travel Guide

Nice-FranceSituated in French Riviera, Nice is a huge city in France and it is a world famous destination for holiday vacationers, both the old and young, with something to offer almost everyone. Nice is very famous due to its beautiful views on Promenade des Anglais and its popular waterfront. The port city is ethnically diverse. Nice has s much to offer tourists starting with Colline du Chateau that overlooks Baie des Anges as well as its harbor. Besides the crumbling walls, you will see the ruined castle. There are several museums in Nice that make the city a hot destination for tourists with entry to most of these museums being free of charge. Most of the famous museums are found in Cimiez which has for long been a favorite for Queen Victoria.

The Museum of Asian Art in Nice offers free entrance and you will find a large collection of world art including Indian, Asian and Chinese art collections. Parc Phoenix is a beautiful botanical garden where you will find various animals, tropical glass houses and different plants. Musee Chagall is well known for its stained glass windows artistically drawn by local artists. Musee Matise features charming painting collections, sculptures and drawings.Port of Nice-France and it is also home to the local daily fruit and flower market of Cours Saleya. You will also find the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum near the local central bus station. The museum features contemporary and modern artists together with their paintings and sculptures as well as conceptual installations.

To the west of Nice, you will find Musee des Beaux Arts, which houses some of the best artistic collections by famous artists like Jules Cheret. Beaches in Nice are not the best and they majorly consist of flat, large stones. As such, tourists are advised to carry some sandals along if they want to go beaching in order to walk comfortably on the stones. You will also find a volleyball area at the beach for additional fun. However, the best beaches in Nice are found in nearby towns like Cannes, Antibes and Villefranche Sur Mer that are more sandy and beautiful.

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We spent 10 days there, part of a guided tour

by pelon

First time I've ever taken a guided tour, having always been an independent traveler previously. The tour was very well organized, well led by a very knowledgeable, local guide. For anyone interested in such things, the name of the tour company is Caravan Tours. From the time we checked in, to the time of departure, everything was provided: Airport pickup, hotels, meals, all transportation, local guides other than our primary guide, then transport back to the airport. The only thing NOT included was air transportation, which added another $600 r/t. This was a luxury tour, unlike the travel I have been accustomed to previously

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The ninth edition of the Rendez-vous en France travel trade show kicked off on March 31 with a soirée at the Vulcania theme park outside Clermont-Ferrand.

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The Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Guides have always been best for me for detail and practical information- I would recommend the DK France guide and the Frommer's France guide and Best Loved Driving Tours of France. I have found Frommer's in general has the best restaurant information, but I have been often been confused/lost by their street maps- DK's are easier for me to follow. Frommer's does have interesting historical information that I haven't found in other guides. The only advantage of the other guides I've read are that they contain actual admission prices (at the time of…

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Get a car, a cross channel ticket, a map and a good guide book..thats what ive done in the past..Ive done the beaches of Normandy, The Dams of dambusting fame, Auschwitz , the channel islands , Colditz , the Ardene and whats left of the Somme...The best bit of advice i can give you, especially in France, is to talk to the locals..Most are only to happy to point you in the right direction and you will uncover things and stories(sometimes eyewitness accounts) that the books dont cover..Its amazing what you can discover just by accessing local knowledge

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The legal age for buying alcohol is 18.

You can just wander from place to place. Paris has many beautiful streets and parks and promenades. I suggest a good travel guide book for Paris - DK Eyewitness Travel Guides is a great publication, but there are many others available - and read it before you go.

Also, learn a few phrases of French and be able to use them. Things like Hello, goodbye, please, thank you and Do you speak English? are very useful.

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