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Five Cool Tours of Luxury Car Factories in Italy and Germany

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Luxury cars are the only reason anyone really likes cars. Without them, the concept of “automobile” would just be metal cages rolling down the street; convenient ways of getting to work in the morning. Some are nicer than others. And then there are these cars. The ones that are built with enough precision and engineering panache to make every driver feel safe as a nestling baby while their engines roar with the intensity of a shuttle shooting off into the sky. The production lines of Lambos, Ferraris, BMWs, Pagani’s, and Benz’s are in themselves technological innovations; every company does it a little different. Wanna change your perception of a car? Go straight to the chrome.

Ferrari Factory and Track Tour, Italy – photo by

Ferrari fanatics and even apathetic drivers who enjoy looking and shiny metal on wheels that can go really, really fast should not miss out on this chance to get up close and personal with the sexiest cars in the world.5x6l2h25rdj11qyniweqq5 large 706 r a 10-minute ride. However, the factory tour that guides visitors through the assembly floor, Red Carpet where fresh-built Ferraris are driven out every 18 minutes, and all the showrooms of the F1 racers and V8 cars (458 and 599s, Spiders and California) will convince every passerby of the artistry that goes into these cars.

See what visitors have to say about the Ferrari Museum and Factory:

Ferrari Factory and Track Tour

Emilia-Romagna, Northeast Italy

D3ukqtra2rozufpjmwxth large 706"it sent my heart and imagination into overdrive." -

"There are some extremely rare and sexy cars in the Museum" -

"besides the beautifully displayed models, we were glued to the video presentations" -

Ferruccio Lamborghini started his long and colorful career in automobile manufacturing in tractors, of all things. After having built up a hefty career for himself as an entrepreneur, he continued his passion for car collecting. As a mechanic, he found faults in his Ferrari 250GT, brought these dissatisfactions up to Enzo Ferrari, got brushed off, and started his own luxury car company. Visitors to Bologna who decide to stop at the Lambo factory will uncover this history and much more, as well as view the Aventador assembly line to check out every stage of construction, from engine production lines to see how the beasts are assembled by hand, and the upholstery department, which manually stitches together the quality pieces of leather. Those who want to go a step further can even take a little tour around the town in one of the sexy supercars.

Take a closer look at the Lamborghini Museum and Factory:

The Lamborghini Museum and Factory

"rare beauty, but unfortunately, photography was strictly prohibited in the factory." -

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Viva Italia!!!!

by mindfultravel

I suggest start Sicily and move up end in Rome with 2-3 days there! Backroads has great walking and biking tours of Italy. Or even renting a car and driving up the Amalfi Coast staying at a cliff side romantique Inn. Sooo many options for the kind of honeymoon that you may want. feel free to email questions..

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On Tour... STRADA DELLE DOLOMITI The Majesty Of The Dolomites
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Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour Italy?

Can anyone who has used it help me, i have been looking for answers for this question online for a while.

I am going to purchase a ticket for the hop on hop off bus. The first stop is on the opposite side of town from where my hotel is, but one of the stops on the tour is at the train station right outside my hotel. So my question is can i just get on at that stop or do i have to get on at the very first stop?

Good question! I had the same problem / question in the past since I finally try one of thoose Hop On Hop Off Busses during one of my travel abroad.

As stated here:

ticket offers a perfectly planned route of Rome's major sites coupled with the absolute freedom to alight and re-board the bus or boat as you wish."

I confirm that you can Hop-on and Hop-off in every "bus stop" (and in this case also boat on the Tiber River) along the line.

Here the stops:
1. TERMINI - Largo di Villa Peretti

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