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Cadiz, Spain: Sample the best of Europe’s oldest inhabited city

Cadiz, Spain, travel, holiday, El Populo, La Vina, summer, Caribbean, Latin America, Norman MillerSHORE THING: The vista over the Old Town from La Victoria[ALARMY]

CRUMBLING pastel walls glow in the evening sun warming my face.

Through an open shutter I glimpse flamenco dancers, smiling through each twirl and twist.

Glorious cooking smells waft out from a house further down the medieval lane whetting the appetite of visitors in this, Europe’s oldest inhabited city, Cadiz.

Founded a millennium before Christ as the Phoenician port of Gadir (locals are still known as Gaditanos), Cadiz squeezes onto a tiny peninsula protruding into a wide Andalucian bay.

Though less than a mile across at its widest, it is a tangle of narrow old city neighbourhoods; from El Populo with its leafy plazas and grand buildings to the gritty old fishermen’s quarter, La Vina, with its fabulous little bars and rough-hewn beauty.

Cadiz, Spain, travel, holiday, El Populo, La Vina, summer, Caribbean, Latin America, Norman MillerCadiz’s compactness contrasts with a historically expansive outlook. After Columbus, the city provided Spain’s main link with Latin America and the Caribbean, and a glance along the colourful seafront near the ruins of the Roman Theatre explains the tag “Little Havana”.

I take in the panorama from the top of the Tavira Tower. This is the most famous of dozens of towers, built so locals could scan the horizon for returning merchant ships – or for attackers such as Francis Drake, who “singed the king of Spain’s beard” in a famous 1587 assault on Cadiz.

Cadiz has a wealth of culinary traditions and I’m keen to trace some of them.

RAMBLING: The Old Town of Cadiz is full of tranquil alleyways [ALARMY]

I meet the enthusiastic Annie Manson for a delicious tapas and sherry tour.

She is normally based in the nearby hilltop town of Vejer de la Frontera, where she offers cooking holidays, through Annie B’s Spanish Kitchen, but today she is escorting me around the best eateries in town.

We kick off at the fabulous central market on Plaza de la Libertad, snacking on delicious local doughnut sticks called churros as well as nuggets of pork crackling called chicharrones.

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Trafalgar was o.k. if you like tours

by wlufge

I went on a Trafalgar tour of Spain - Madrid and Anadalucia in 2001. It was the kind where there was quite a bit of free time away from the group so it was o.k. I suspected that the tour guide was taking us places in part based upon being shall we say incented to do so. It was not all old people but half of the people on the tour were from one family which got to be a bit much. The best part was when the tour was over and I was alone in Madrid, and then I took the train up to Paris and met my wife.

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Where to visit in Japan?

I am going to Japan for around 3 weeks and was wondering where people recommend I visit. I am locking in around 10 days in Tokyo, when my friend will be there, but am wanting advice as to how I should spend the rest of my time. I am keen to spend some time in Kyoto but there is clearly so much else to do and I'm struggling to figure out exactly what.

While I am interested in visiting some shrines and temples, I can only do that for so long. I really appreciate beautiful sceneries and cool cities. If anyone has been to Japan and were blown away by some places, or really…

Hello Nick, The must see places in Japan are Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Kanazawa, Takayama, shirakawago, Hiroshima and Miyajima. Pick up a good travel guide like Lonely Planet Japan before you visit as this will help you plan your trip to see and Do in Japan

Traditional Japan

Kyoto - home to more than 2000 shrines and temples
Nara - ancient capital and the birthplace of Japanese culture
Kanazawa - with the best preserved samurai and geisha districts in Japan

Culinary Experience

Tokyo - home to more Michelin star restaurants…

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