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Riomaggiore2Europe is calling and you’ve decided a tour is the way to go. If you are finding yourself in this situation, you need to check out Rick Steves. Perhaps the name is already familiar to you. He is featured on public television with a TV show that brings Europe to your living room. If you’ve ever checked out the travel section at your bookstore, the yellow and blue books may have stood out to you. He provides a guidebook that packs lifetime experiences in a price around $20. He is the one you trust to guide you around your dream destination.

I will be taking two Rick Steves’ tours this year. In less than two months I cross the Atlantic to explore Spain. Barcelona, Madrid, and Toledo will be under my feet on this adventure. In the summer I will also be traveling to Eastern Europe. While traveling, I will share my stories and tips on here. I hope to bring you along for the whole journey. Stay tuned!

Want to know what makes these tours so unique? Here are the top 10 reasons you should consider a Rick Steves’ tour.

​1. Destinations Truly are the Best of the Best

Rick has been traveling for much of his life, and has spent a good portion of his adult life in Europe. This experience has provided him with the expertise of places all over Europe. Not only does he have the personal knowledge to share, but he has built relationships with many Europeans. That rapport has allowed him to continue to grow as a travel expert. If you’ve ever used his guidebooks, you know that he knows Europe.​

2. Tours Promote Immersion

I have been on one other tour before taking a Rick Steves’ tour. Since that first tour, I felt that I could get more out of my time through my own planning. The importance of travel to me is to learn more, and have a greater understanding of our world through other cultures. I was very pleased to find that my 21 day tour allowed me to really immerse myself in another culture, even if we were only there for two days. If you are looking for a more authentic experience, then I recommend his tours for you.

3. Tour Groups are Small

The largest tour group allowed has 28 people. Some tours have even smaller restrictions. My tour group had 19 people including myself. I never imagined the bonds and relationships I would build with these people. I took the tour on my own, and I would recommend this for anyone wanting to get out and see the world.

4. Guides Will go out of Their Way to Help You

I give so much credit to tour guides. There is so much they have to manage and our guide did all of this seamlessly. A bad guide can ruin a trip. With this tour, I knew I was safe.

5. Bus Drivers Cater to Everyone’s Needs

Our bus driver was a part of the experience just as much as anyone else. We all felt very safe, and some of us even looked forward to bus days. The great thing about bus days is that you never go more than two hours without a stop. Let’s just say that rest stops in Europe are a big treat compared to here in the US.

6. Local Guides Bring a New Dimension to the Experience

I have traveled to Europe before this tour, but I never experienced the cities or museums like this. The local guides bring everything to life. While visiting the Colosseum, I almost heard the lions roar.

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Go to your nearest large bookstore and find the travel section. Check out several of the Europe guides and consider practicalities, which gives you the information you need to follow your interests. (Or at least tell us your interests, so we can help you.) You will probably want one of the cheap travel guides. I like Rough Guide and Frommers, but others will recommend Lonely Planet or Let's Go or Rick Steves. Buy the one or ones that suit you. Any of them will pay for themselves easily. Read the ones you buy with a highligher. I marked the info I would need when I got off the plane or the train or the bus in each place, where I hoped to stay and how I would get there

AC by Marriott throws B&F party for owners  — HOTELS
In fact, perhaps the biggest adaptation to the concept founded in 1998 by Antonio Catalán, the leading owner of city hotels in Spain, is the food and beverage offering, which Nielsen says can operate efficiently with a staff of two in the morning and ..

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Help with travelling Europe 2013?

Right im looking at travelling Europe june 2013 and was wondering where to start and any tips that someone may have. Im 23 this november and NEVER done anything like this at all even though it has always been an interest to me as i love to travel and see as many places as i can. Here is my add explaining everything

I stay in Edinburgh and looking to travel europe for about 1 maybe 2 month to see as much as possible. Ive never done anything like this before but its something ive thought about doing for a few years now and looking to get it done.

I would be…

The word you need is 'accommodation'.

You realise the UK is not in the Eurozone, even though it is an EU member state? The UK uses the pound sterling as its currency, other countries use the Euro. The easiest and safest way to access your money is to use the ATMs, you can access your bank account in your own country and get the local currency that way.

Camping is all very well, but in many of those countries, it is illegal to simply set up a tent - not to mention dangerous, as you could very easily the wrong kind of attention. Find out where the official…

Barcelona Trip - Travel Suggestions?


We'll be traveling 10 days to Barcelona in spring 2013. I have made a list of all the main touristic destinations but I would like to know what are the HIDDEN GEMS of this city. What are those places that are worth visiting but are not in the touristic guides. How about the surroundings of Barcelona? Any castles, or interesting things to visit?

We will be staying in Rippoleto.

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

What is Rippoleto? This sounds Italian.

Do you mean Ripollet? It is a Catalan place name. I suppose you are aware that you will be in Catalonia and not in Spain. We have an own language, culture and identity and are in the process of becoming independent from Spain. The problem with most tourists is that they have a wrong idea of where they are and search for fake Spanish stereotypes like flamenco, paella or sangria (or bullfight before it was banned in Barcelona). I you don't know anything about Catalonia or the Catalan culture, just google that, I don't think nobody…

Traveling Spain to Vienna?

So I am in Europe for a while and looking to go to Vienna from Spain somewhere in the near future. However I have plenty of time so I was hoping to visit a few places along the way.

Examples include. Lyon, nice, Monte Carlo, Milan(this one I will come back too so it's not a priority) then off to Vienna or Graz.

I am on a super tight budget but would like to visit all these places and maybe a few more for a couple of days each. Does anyone have any experiences or advice.

Also no links to the eurail pass website I know why it is

If you are on a super tight budget, flying direct makes more sense.
If you want to travel around a bit you might make enough use of an Eurail pass, but do consider buying point to point tickets as an alternative.

Take a railway map, preferably with a rail planner to check times.
In this case I would open the Seat 61 site, and use the country pages in there for some information.
You can also open this PDF site, it has a mail lines map of Europe.
good railway planner is the German one, (in English among other language): and all cities en route…

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