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Is Spain the Best Place for a Family Holiday in Southern Europe?

Totally Spain family holidays Terminal 4 Madrid AirportBrings you back doesn’t it? When holidays meant wearing t-shirts and shorts and eating ice-creams.

Rather than writing about specific places in Spain as we usually do, we’ve put ourselves in the shoes of a Northern European family (two adults, two kids) booking a holiday in Southern Europe in 2014. And it turns out that Spain really does make a great destination for families. Phew!

Let there be sun!

One of the priorities when booking a holiday for most families living in northern Europe is the weather. A dry climate makes travel so much easier especially when you’re taking younger children who don’t want to be cooped up in museums. Spain and the rest of southern Europe certainly get more than their fair share of great weather. We found a great resource by the which tells us that on average it rains for just 2 days in in July, compared with 3 in in July and 5 in .Totally Spain family holidays eating ice-cream ust in Andalusia’s capital . Is it wrong to point out that Palermo in Sicily has 1 rainy day on average in August? Check out the website if you want to check your potential destinations for sunshine and rainfall.

Money matters

Budgets vary hugely from family to family and holiday to holiday so it’s very hard to be general about value for money. That said, the British Post Office commissions a Holiday Money every year and finds that families eating out every day in Spain – on the Costa del Sol spent 252.98 GBP a week in 2013 compared to 722.89GBP in Sorrento Italy.Totally Spain family holidays Spain Seville Plaza de Espana s cheaper for basic basket of holiday items (price of bottle of water, suncream, cup of coffee, dinner for two etc). The Algarve was 35.37 GBP compared to 39.14GBP for the Costa del Sol. The report covers many destinations worldwide and makes for some interesting reading.

Trains, Roads & Airports

Totally Spain family holidays menu board eating outWe are always banging on about AVE, the Spanish high-speed rail network – which is the most extensive high-speed train network in Europe, and on an international level is only surpassed in length by China. Have a look at this useful AVE rail network map which we found to get an idea of the connections you can make from one city to another.

The road network is also very good in Spain. We came across a handy EU Mobility and Transport for driving in Europe on a country by country basis – so have a look if you want to know what the requirements are when driving in say, Spain, Italy or Greece. Unfortunately we didn’t come up with any way of checking safety on the roads other than the on fatalities and we see that Spain does come out as safer than its southern European neighbours.

In terms of air travel, we came across the Skytrak review of the World’s Top 100 Airports. In, Istanbul topped the list, then Barcelona, Madrid, Athens, Porto and Lisbon airports. It’s true that both airports have been extensively renovated in recent years and are looking pretty good.

Totally Spain family holidays Ave high speed train Totally Spain family holidays tapas chorizo Totally Spain family holidays plazas squares Totally Spain family holidays Madrid rowing Retiro Park


by jupiter87

Here is the itinerary my wife and I did in September 2005. We actually got a car for a couple of days leaving Seville so that we could visit Gibraltar when were staying in Ronda. (Sentimental reasons, Gibraltar was a stop on our honeymoon cruise in 1999). I would advise you to take the night train from BCN to Granada, train to Ronda, then Seville. Or, drop Ronda and take the train straight from Granada to Seville. Granada is a must for the Alhambra, Seville is just magical. The reason why you want so much time in Madrid - great daytrips to El Escorial, Segovia, and Toledo (take the bus to those, trust me it's faster)

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