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Seville is an elegant and exuberant city, home to authentic Andalusian culture and lifestyle

After a few days spent eating tapas, watching flamenco, and drinking local wine in the sunshine, you may find it hard to leave...

•Seville is a city with a strong personality defined by two thousand years of history. The city's motto 'No me ha dejado' means 'she [the city] has not abandoned me'. This motto is indicative of Seville's long history of survival throughout various conquests. Evidence of both Roman and Moorish influence is still apparent in the city's architecture and monuments.

•Dining in Seville Like all provincial capitals in Spain, Seville enjoys the best of provincial production. Fresh seafood from Cadiz, meats and cheeses from the north, and olive oil from Jaen are just a few examples of the regional fare available throughout the city. It is this variety that fuels the Tapas culture for which Seville is famous. Whether you are in search of a meal or just an accompaniment to a glass of wine, a Tapas bar or restaurant will have a selection of fresh delicious dishes to please every palate. The tapas bars of Barrio Santa Cruz are some of the city's best.

•Weather: Seville enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate. In fact Seville is one of the warmest cities in Europe with an average temperature of 32c in August. Winters are mild and temperatures rarely drop below 6c

•Flamenco in Seville is amongst the best in Spain. The roots of this traditional Andalucian music and dance originate in the province of Seville. As a result, Seville the city has always been the provincial meeting point for the creme de la creme of Flamenco musicians and dancers. Be sure to take in a traditional evening show in one of the city's many tablaos (Flamenco bars). Here are some long running establishments offering the best in Flamenco performance: El Arenal (7 Calle Rodo): A long running, intimate tablao. El Patio Sevillano (Paseo Colon) One of Seville's first tablaos, located next to the Plaza de Toros. Los Gallos (11 Plaza de Santa Cruz) This tablao has been open since the 60's and puts on two shows a night.

•The Cathedral of Seville: Built on the site of a 12th century Mosque, this incredible building is the largest cathedral in Spain and the third largest (by square footage) Christian church in the world. Inside the Cathedral you'll find what may be the largest church interior in existence. The vaulted ceilings, gothic carvings, and sheer grandeur of the building make this one of Seville's most visited attractions.

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Here is the itinerary my wife and I did in September 2005. We actually got a car for a couple of days leaving Seville so that we could visit Gibraltar when were staying in Ronda. (Sentimental reasons, Gibraltar was a stop on our honeymoon cruise in 1999). I would advise you to take the night train from BCN to Granada, train to Ronda, then Seville. Or, drop Ronda and take the train straight from Granada to Seville. Granada is a must for the Alhambra, Seville is just magical. The reason why you want so much time in Madrid - great daytrips to El Escorial, Segovia, and Toledo (take the bus to those, trust me it's faster)

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