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Wander the Moorish quarter, marvel at the Alhambra, visit the Sierra Nevadas, enjoy tapas and flamenco- all in one day!

The gateway to Andalucia

•History: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors, Christians- Granada has been has been conquered and influenced by them all. With its strategic location Granada has always been an important foothold in southern Spain. Granada’s Moorish districts, palaces, and Moroccan markets, give visitors the unique opportunity to experience the fusion of North African and Spanish cultures in a city that once was the stronghold of Muslim Spain. During the 20th century, Granada became the centre for the Spanish artistic movement and in the 1970’s a number of new universities and colleges were established in an effort to promote further education. Today, Granada is a thriving cultural and historical centre that attracts students and visitors from around the world. getic atmosphere, open-mindedness, and striking location at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range (the highest mountains in Spain) is sure to impress.

•Weather: Granada enjoys hot, dry summers. In the evening, under the shadow of the Sierra Nevada, the city cools down making the evenings comfortable if not a little chilly. Winters in Granada can be cold with temperatures as low as 0c.

•Dining in Granada: Visitors will find a wide variety of drinking and dining options when wandering through Granada’s various districts. From Moroccan-style snack bars to traditional yet trendy restaurants there is definitely a healthy selection to choose from. Unlike most other cities in Andalucía, Granada’s tapas bars still provide their patrons with free tapas to accompany each drink (a tradition still upheld throughout the villages of Andalucía). With this hospitable tradition still intact, enjoying a few glasses of wine or a beer accompanied by complementary tapas can often take the place of an evening meal.

•Location: Located on the edge of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Granada occupies a dramatic location with high snow capped peaks to the east and rolling fields to the west. The city is 75km from the coast and 25km from the heart of the Sierra Nevada, making it possible to go skiing and sunbathe on the beach in the same day.

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9 day culture trip to Spain, from Boulder County

by chsmith1973

Oct., 2006
Front Range Community College is offering a Study Abroad trip to Spain during Spring Break, March 22-30, 2007! You do not have to be a fulltime student to take advantage of this fun excursion!
Our trip to Spain is a 'culture' trip, since it's short and sweet. It's a 9-day, five-city tour to the south of Spain, the Costa del Sol, with an English-speaking guide the whole time in all the museums and historical sites. Two FRCC instructors will be leading the trip, Catlyn Keenan in Philosophy and Christie Smith in Literature and Humanities.
In conjunction with the course, Catlyn will be teaching a Colorado gt transferable Humanities (HUM 121) course, based around the Western intellectual tradition

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