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Lonely Planet Discover JapanA new “IN FULL COLOR” guidebook to Japan titled Discover Japan has just been published by Lonely Planet so I thought I’d get a copy. There are many more photos than in the standard Lonely Planet guide to Japan, and they even used ( and purchased ) an image I took on my trip to Yakushima.

As in the previous review I checked out the section on Matsuyama. There are 4 pages of text, with two photos. The text highlights the three main attractions in the city, but publishers could have done a better job of matching photos with the text e.g. after a long description of Dogo Onsen there is no photo. The page layout is also a little strange with the “If you like…Matsuyama” sidebar hidden on the next page amongst information about Nagasaki.

I turned to the section on Okinawa. Here the quality of both the photos and the information varies. Photos of small shisa statues are captioned as toy dragons, and the photo they’ve used to illustrate Shuri Castle is one of a tour group in front of the Koufukumon, a side gate that contains the ticket office and restrooms! There is no mention of Okinawa Expo Park and the Churaumi Aquarium, which is surprising especially when Osaka’s (inferior) aquarium is mentioned numerous times and is ranked number 16 in the top 25 experiences in Japan.

Overall, however, the book is a good overview of Japan. Would I recommend it as the only guidebook you buy, probably not, but if you are planning a visit to Japan I would suggest that at the very least you borrow a copy from the library and then use it along with the other guidebooks I mentioned to plan your trip.

Do not expect English sign much

by Mixter

If you need to order your foods at restaurant, do not expect there is an English menu but before you enter the restaurant, you can look at sample which is located the entrance. All you have to do is you show waitress/waiter what you want to eat.
You will enjoy the trip: people are nice and you can go anywhere with train and bus.
Are you going to travel by yourself? No tour? Then, you need to have a good guide book and map at least. Have you purchaed Japan Rail Road Pass? If you do not have this, you will pay fortune for the transportation!
After all, forget your Spanish and French

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