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Gluten-Free & Paleo-ish in Japan

Jake's First Sushi!Just about a year ago, my mom and brother visited me in Japan. We had a wonderful time traveling, but I was a little worried about food. I wasn’t sure how adventurous they would be, as it was their first international trip. But I was super proud of how flexible they were and how willing they were to try new things! Even fish for breakfast

I’ve finally thrown together a short list of ways you can eat gluten-free if you travel to Japan. I also follow a Paleo template (Chris Kresser style, similar to the Perfect Health Diet), and since I tolerate white rice well I enjoy the monthly treat of sustainable SUSHI! Here’s my strategy for eating out.

Celiac Travel Cards

Probably the biggest advantage I have is that I speak Japanese, so I can grill servers & waitstaff on ingredients. If you don’t have a translator built in to your family, I highly recommend these international travel cards from Celiac Travel. If you don’t tolerate dairy either, they have a highly useful explanation of casein intolerance too.

But on to the food!

Travel Food

My favorite snack or build-your-own-protein is yakitori, which is chicken skewers of differing varieties. Make sure you get the shio (しお、塩) flavor, which is just salt & pepper. Probably my number one recommendation is stay away from sauces here in Japan – it’s bound to have wheat and soy in it!

IMG_1816For restaurant dining, yaki niku is my go-to. Many of these restaurants have English menus, especially in tourist areas. Again, go for the shio-flavored (しお、塩) side of the menu, NOT tare(たれ)! That is some sort of soy sauce-based marinade. You can have fun grilling your own meat and vegetables and enjoy a side of rice as well. Mom & Jake & I ate at a fantastic restaurant in Kyoto and one near Mt. Fuji too.

Quick Guide to Yaki-toriDon’t worry, you don’t have to concentrate this hard while cooking, either:

Though you may want to brush up on your chopstick skills:

Another great restaurant option is kaiten-zushi (回転寿し、かいてんすし)! That is the famous rotating sushi where all you have to do is walk in, sit down, scope out the choices and grab a plate! Definitely my favorite place to go when I travel or for a special occasion. Stick with simple, single-ingredient choices like sashimi (raw fish) or cucumber. I would stay away from mayonaise-based concoctions, anything drizzled with a sauce, and of course fried food. Many of these restaurants have English menus as well.

serious grilling face excited for sushi street lunch Jake's ice cream testing
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If you're travelling consider getting a Shinkansen pass. You have to buy it outside the country. When I went they had 1,2 and 3 week passes. Saved me huge. Contact the JTB. They also offer a variety of free travel services in Japan. Other posters are acurate on costs it doens't have to be crazy expensive. I stayed in Ryokans(?) or travellers accommodations. You can even stay in 'love hotels' at night for reduced fares but have to move on the next morning. Kyoto is fantastic. When on subway I took picture of my home destination sign so people could show me the right line when I got lost. You can communicate by writing easier then by speaking

Visa-free travel to Japan may start by June  — ABS CBN News
MANILA – The Philippine Ambassador to Japan on Wednesday said that Filipinos may travel to the land of the rising sun without any need for a visa by June. "We are just awaiting the official advice, but from reliable sources and from the newspaper ..

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