Italy Travel Guide: Books

Collecting Vintage Travel books

from UK dealer Peter M. Daly for 17£

Thanks to the Gutenberg project many vintage guides can be downloaded for free and read on your iPad or Kindle device.

An example is a travelogue by Edward Wigran “Northern Spain” (1906), full of interesting facts about Asturian villages with colorful illustrations.

A copy of the original will put you back $195, if you can find it.

To discover the value of your vintage guides and travel books, make a search on the websites such as abebooks, alibris, biblio and addall.

Other sources for finding old and vintage travel books and guides are these websites: oldguidebooks, as well as the thousands of Italian booksellers who list on the mega site maremagnum.

The study of travel literature, Hodoeporics, is fast becoming a specialized branch of Italian language and literature studies.

Check out the website of the CIRVI, Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerche sul Viaggio in Italia which is based in Moncalieri, near Torino for more information about

Re: guide books

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Rick steves' is more geared towards older folks, i think. especially those who travel as packs, not solo.
i do not know how old you are, but if you are young-ish and like some class and quality rather than on a shoestring budget, try the "time out" series.
fodor's 2009 italy & florence/tuscany guides are also great with lots of pictures and the book is laid out so it's easy to read.
i am going to sicilia and toscana in may as well.

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