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a city born love: travel guide: venice, italy

Venice was that dream you never want to wake from.

Every corner you turn, you walk deeper into some real-life watercolor painting that a camera can never do justice. It's like no place else I've ever been.

It's (quite literally) a maze of canals and small streets, whimsical bridges, and colorful buildings. And as with all mazes, you should prepare to find yourself lost a time or two.

Venice has and always will be a very popular stop for tourists in Italy. You really can see a lot of it in just one day and it's not uncommon to take day trips to visit Venice, but I'd recommend staying for at least two.

What to do in Venice ItalyWe arrived in the evening by train, had a late dinner, spent the whole next day looking around and exploring, spent another night and then left the following afternoon. It was plenty of time to soak up beautiful Venice!

Okay, so now--on to the important stuff.

What to do in Venice, Italy

The oldest bridge on the Grand Canal and is one of the famous picture taking spots in Venice.

There are little tourist shops all across the bridge. I don't care much for the tourist shops, but it's a fun place to take some pictures and get a great view of the canal. You will also see (and probably go under) this bridge if you take a Grand Canal Tour.

travel to venice italyOh, and as you can see--it didn't take long for me to switch from my "cute" shoes into my Nikes. Be prepared to walk A LOT in Venice!

Sidenote* I briefly mentioned this earlier but want to elaborate a bit more--YOU WILL GET LOST in Venice. It is inevitable that you will get turned around at least once (but most likely fifteen+ times) There is very little--if any--method to the madness of their streets and alleyways.

The best tip I can give you is to try and keep a sense of what direction you need to move. Eventually you'll get somewhere, because it's really not that big. And in the tourist heavy areas they will often have signs with arrows pointing to "Rialto Bridge" or other big landmarks.

Also note, my husband has an international phone/data plan--so we did have Google maps the whole time we were there and still got lost many times. So even if you're thinking "oh, we'll have data--we'll be fine"...think again & just be ready to get yourself all sorts of lost.

However, there is a plus side of getting lost and that is that you may possibly come across hidden book stores in small alley ways....

How magical is that picture?! Venice is full of gems like this.

...and this darling man who was playing/singing Simon and Garfunkel in Italian.

He won my heart pretty quick.

Small church we stopped at on our way back to hotel.

The archway was stunning.

I should also mention that there are so many galleries, museums and church/cathedrals you could wander through all day long throughout Venice. There are certain passes you can buy to get into a lot of them that have an entrance fee. We were on a tighter schedule, so we didn't purchase one of the passes, but if you time I imagine it would be amazing!

Next on the list is one that we actually didn't have recommended to us, but decided to do it last minute because the reviews on TripAdvisor were so impressive.

Not cheap, I think it was roughly $20-$30/per person, but you can probably get better deals if you buy ahead of time online (again, we decided last minute and just bought our tickets there)

Blame it on the travel book authors who are too

by justatraveler_nli

Lazy to do much research. So much material has been written on the tried and true that they can't seem to get beyond it. And on the travelers who want to take little responsibility for their own trip, they just hand over their money to a tour provider and make it to the bus on time.
I see travel as an adventure and learning experience. It takes some effort, but even bad results (few if any) make for great travel stories. Since some of the major cities are favorites of mine as well as the rest of the world, I make a point to wander into areas not covered by travel guides. Go to Rome and discover Testaccio, in Venice try San Polo or Castello instead of San Marco

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