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A few of the brands I switched to as a result of our experiment.We learned we can live in Italy, as Italians do, without buying a special brand from the U.S. We Americans can be addicted to our own brands of toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, lotion, etc., but Italians need that stuff too and the stores carry many fine international and European brands. We gave up 8 ½” x 11” paper for the common A4 size sold in Europe. It’s a setting on the printer so no big deal.

Some products are better than the U.S. equivalent. I found an amazing olive-oil based lotion, for example, and Janie, our senior cat who is picky about her treats has come to crave a treat we found as a sample inside a carton of her packaged food.

In July and AugustWe found new stores and sources. We went on

forays into stores we’d not entered prior, neighborhoods we’d passed through but not really shopped in. We discovered you can go looking and not find, but you have to be ready to buy when you pass a shop with promising merchandise. One Saturday we spent 4 hours looking for a dress for me. I tried on 8 or 10 at various stores. Niente! But the next day, walking to a museum, I spied a dress in the window of a tiny little boutique, walked in and 5 minutes later walked out with the dress. You have to be opportunistic.

We bought less because it took more time to go looking the old-fashioned way, in stores. Oh Zappos, how easy it is to find black heels, size 7.5 with a 1” heel and ship three pair overnight! But try to find a pair going shop to shop. It takes hours! Days, even!

Always beautifully displayed merchandise. I think there's an Italian gene related to beautiful displays and wrapping packages.

The July/August saldi (sales) offer some good buys and even the opportunity to bargain, something I’d not done before. One day on the way home from work we popped into a boutique because I saw a lovely dress in the window. I slipped it on and it fit like a dream, but I nearly fainted when they told me the price! “But signora, it is on sale, ” and she quoted me a price about 30% less. Still high, so I started to walk out shaking my head. “Signora, ” she called, “Wait. It’s specially tailored… but I can sell it for €XXX, ” and she knocked another 15% off. Score!

I practiced my Italian. Always a vocabulary builder and an opportunity to tune my ear. I can talk about the features of our new food processor and of our new Italian iron, purchased to replace the one clogged up with calcium after a year of ironing with this hard water.

Euros Color coordinated
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To buy Italian government bonds

by ---BozmanJoe---

Most of the money borrowed by Italian banks is likely to have been used to buy Italian government bonds, which has been reflected in a decrease in the yields on the country's sovereign debt.
So would be safe to imagine, that if Italy defaults (what is kind of likely) then ECB is to default as well. It is so stupid that ECB is almost directly finances government that is on a brisk of bankruptcy. Shame.

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