Best Places to Travel in Italy

7 Best Places To Visit In Rome

Rome-Italy-Beautiful_CityDo you like to go travelling? Do you want to visit many places around the world? What are the places that you want to visit? New York? London? Australia? Bali? South Africa? Paris? Italia?Well, if we are talking about Italia, I believe that you are familiar with Rome. Yeah, Rome is one of the old city in the world. Rome also has many historical background that influenced the history of the world. If you want to have the very best quality of traveling, Rome can be one of the references for your travelling. If you are interested to visit Rome, you can find many interesting places to be visited. Here, you will be provided seven best places to visit in Rome. Let’s check it out!

Rome Pantheon Amazing7. The Patheon

The Patheonattracts many tourists to visit this place because of the old-thick brick walls and also the marble columns. One thing that makes the Patheonbecomes so interesting to visit is the high dome. The Patheon has more than 43 m high dome.

Trevi Fountain Rome6. Trevi Fountain

The Fontana in Trevi becomes one of the most popular and the most beautiful fountain in Rome. The fountain becomes so impressive because of the incredible monument located in the Quirinale district.

5. Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is one of the most historical places of the Rome. After the fall of the Rome, this place became the pastor in Rome.

4. Piazza DelCampidoglio

Piazza DelCampidoglio is one of the most popular painters in Rome’s creation. This is the creation of Michelangelo to revival the Capitoline Hill.

Roman-Forum-Rome-Awesome3. Vatican Museum

For many Chatolic Rome’s people, Vatican Museum is one of the most important place to visit. The Vatican Museum gives the historical value of the Chatolic Rome development. The Vatican Museums are founded by Pope Julius II. It was established in the early of the 16th century. The museum is used to housethe collective as the Palazzo ApostolicoVaticano.

2. St. Peter’s Basilica Interior

This is the central place where the highest leader of Chatolic Rome lives. The ChatolicRome, Pope uses this place for the holy Mass. For the interior nave of St. Peter’s Basilica, Michelangelo ensured the interior of the basilica is the largest in the world.

Piazza_del_Campidoglio_Rome Wonderful-rome-vatican-museum St. Peter’s Basilica Interior Rome Colosseum Rome

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Top 5 places you have traveled?

by DaSox

What are your top 5 places you have visited? why so? Lets tart a good travel discussion!
Paris-It truly is the best city in the world. I lived in apartments and you get to feel like a local. It so beautiful and there are so many parts with hardly any tourists. Don't stick to the usual route...(Eiffel, Lourve, etc...) get out and explore neighborhoods. Tip: The french are very nice, but not overly nice. Learn a few sentences in french..just a few and that makes a huge difference. Learn how to say "Sorry I don't speak French" and "Do you speak English". They will always respond with "a little" but they speak english well
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