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How Lonely Planet India Promotes Short Escapes Through Escape

Lonely_planet_escape_express_websteLonely Planet India, the one-stop destination to know about the best places to visit in India, has launched the ‘Escape Express’, a campaign that takes you on a virtual train journey from Delhi to Mumbai and Bengaluru, while enlightening you about the cool getaways from each of the cities.

‘Escape Express’ will also throw an array of questions on the way, the answers for which can be found in the Lonely Planet Short Escapes series, a travel guide for city folks looking for a quick escape. In addition, participants can share their travel stories and get featured on the travel guide’s website, among tangible prizes like iPads or Nikon cameras, iPad Mini, gift vouchers, sling bags by Lonely Planet and of course the Short Escapes travel guides!

Escape Express

The ongoing month-long campaign is being run in two phases. A will track your progress after you register with your name, email and contact number. Phase 1 consists of questions related to each of the Escapes from Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru and correct answers earn you kilometers and also allow you to enter the next phase. Phase 1 also has surprise questions thrown in, that can win you cool goodies for right answers.

Escape Express FB teaserIn Phase 2, you need to share your memorable travel experiences ‘Escape Diaries’ in the form of stories, pictures or videos and get your friends and family to vote for your submission. The Escape Express is now at phase 2 voting with exciting travel stories experienced in short escapes at beaches and mountains near these cities.

The neatly designed website provides a Facebook Connect at the time of registration, which makes it really simple to board on to the Escape Express. Once you login, you can view tasks and the miles you have made. Click on any to get started. You have the option to invite your friends from Facebook as well as Gmail.

The tasks are multiple-choice questions about the different escapes in each city. Even if you get a certain answer wrong, you can still cross that level by answering a simple question. These answers can be shared on Twitter and Facebook while you continue with the contest. But, it takes a Great Escape series to cross all the legs smoothly to enter Phase 2.

Escape Express buzz on social

The campaign has made good use of social media platforms to create the required buzz, even prior to the contest. The of Lonely Planet India had started gearing up fans a few days before the arrival of Escape Express with a bunch of visual teaser updates. Fans were lured into boarding the virtual train with pictures of the prizes and a visual countdown towards the arrival, before eventually announcing the contest.

Since then, the Facebook wall has been alive with the progress of the virtual journey of Escape Express as it moves through Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, inviting fans to go on board with the mini contests like Surprise question, most creative tweet, etc. In between of sharing the contest progress, the wall makes sure to share getaways, that are featured in the Short Escapes travel guides.

India not too bad

by be_careful_woman

As a woman travelling alone in india be very careful. Don't wear skimpy outfits, wear loose fitting clothes. For the most part it's a safe country but don't do anything stupid. Men will stare at you, grope you in crowded trains and buses. So if you can afford travel on the 1st/2nd class buses or trains. The lonely planet guide is actually pretty good.

India's beautiful architecture as symbols of love shows it has a heart of gold  — Express.co.uk
The train was just one leg on an enthralling trip touring the Golden Triangle, India's most popular northern cities of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. I confess I have had a long, bordering on obsessive attraction to the Rajasthan region.

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