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Touring Goa, India by Taxi

Goa, IndiaWe arrived into the port of Mormugão, in the state of Goa, India, via the Seabourn Sojourn while on its 2014 World Cruise. The locals greeted us with a warm welcome.

Having done a little research on Goa in advance of our visit, we decided to explore on our own rather than to take one of the ship’s tours. At the port entrance, there was a major gaggle of taxis that we walked through, along with a number of police with big bamboo sticks. (Riot control, we assumed.) We keep walking past until we reached the road and realized it wasn’t really a good place to walk.

We approached one of the taxis on the road that had a larger-sized taxi with a driver who spoke easy-to-understand English.

Goa, IndiaAs we were negotiating a rate, a Tony Soprano-like character came out of the port and said, “No, you have to take the taxi that was here first.”

I expressed that I wanted to pick my own taxi, one with good air-conditioning and lots of head-room. He whistled a taxi up. It was a small car and the very young driver was talking on his cell phone.

I said, “No, I want a taxi with headroom and a good driver.”

To his credit, the Tony Soprano guy smiled and said, “Okay!” He whistled up another driver and after confirming a rate that translated to about $30 U.S. dollars (we paid in Indian rupees) for 3 hours, we were off.

Goa, IndiaIn Goa, it’s key to negotiate for what you want. Our driver had a taxi with spacious headroom and legroom, good air conditioning, and he was a terrific guy. We agreed to head to Old Goa first.

The driver’s name is Pradip Naik. His card has two phone numbers but no email address: 3 or 7.

We knew that Goa is the smallest but richest state in India, and had been a part of Portugal until 1961. While the roads in Goa are in good shape, they looked similar to other port cities in India with free-roaming cattle and lots of trash.

There was a mix of really nice houses intermingled with trashy dumps. Evidence of the Portuguese past can be seen in the architecture.

Our drive from Mormugão to Old Goa exposed us to the various aspects of the port, airport and rail hub. Mormugão is the leading iron ore exporting port of India. We also saw oil storage, ship building and repair, and all forms of transportation.

Goa, India Goa, India Old Goa, India Old Goa, India


by kraig23

Goa is a style of psychedelic trance, fist played on the beaches of Goa, India at the infamous parties. Some hippies settled in this former portugese colony back in the late 60's and played guitar on the beach. Then in the 80's they started playing industrial and electronic body music which in turn turned into psychedelic techno. I spent 6 months there in 1992, it was an adventure and a time I'll never forget. I burned out on trance and Goa, but if you like psychedelics and eletroni music, check it out.

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