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Construction/Environment/Tibetan Culture in Dharamshala

Wall paintingFrom the 3rd of March to the 23rd of March, we had two volunteers from the United States participate in a Construction/Environment/Tibetan Culture themed workcamp in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. Even though it was a small group, our two team leaders aided the two international volunteers to achieve satisfaction and fulfilment that they sought through volunteerism.They actively took part in various activities including painting a school wall and black board, and educational drawing at Dharamkot Government Primary School.

The two motivated volunteers conducted sessions on health and hygiene awareness to the school children, and almost 40 children benefited from this activity. The volunteers also cleaned an open field located in McLeodganj along with the staff from a local NGO called Waste Warriors, with an aim to promote awareness among the local community in keeping their surroundings clean.

As part of their inter-cultural learning, the volunteers had the opportunity to interact with Tibetan monks. They also took part in a Tibetan cooking session. Although the volunteers were busy doing all of these activities, they had just enough spare time at the end of their stay to take part in a site seeing excursion to a Hindu temple, Baghsu waterfalls, Dalai Lama Temple, the Tibet Museum, and the Tibetan Children’s Village community. The volunteers also did a presentation about their country traditions and cultural aspects for the school children.

Indian takeover of Las Vegas gaming industry

by gcod_

The Las Vegas gaming company I work in has several new managers from India all of them on H1 visas and they are hiring a lot of programmers in India also and training them in the work we are doing here.
It's not as much fun working for Indian managers who look over your shoulder every five minutes and ask you what you are doing. Soon every programmer will have to work as hard as an H1 in order to keep his/her job.
Then there is the cultural thing, Indian people worship cows and pigs and only eat vegetarian food, it is a horrible sign of things to come.

Pakistani Journalist Accuses Spy Agency of Assassination Attempt  — the Diplomat
India is streamlining its visa policy for Chinese visitors in a move that will encourage greater Chinese tourism and business travel to India.

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Recomended Guide Books for Hawaii?

My family is just begining to plan for our first trip to Hawaii. We want couple of good guide books to help us plan everything. Where to stay, what to do, etc.

There are so many books out there, I was hoping someone would have a suggestion to help us.

Thanks in advance!

It depends on which island you're going to. This should help you get started:

when you get to the baggage claim area, or front airport lobbies, they have tons of Free brochures (some with discount coupons)! Taxi's are too expensive, look in one of the free brochure's for a round trip Shuttle service.

have fun and Aloooooooooooooooooooooha! :o)
p.s. our avatars look almost the same, lol

Best travel book for Hawaii?

Specifically one for Oahu since that's where we will be staying on our vacation. But anyways basically I'm looking for a really good, helpful travel book for Hawaii/Oahu (we are willing to look into visiting the other islands so not a big deal if it's not centered directly on Oahu). We want suggestions for things to do, places to eat, etc. So what is the best travel book to buy?

I have try on and find lots of travel guide and tip about Hawaii you can try all the best....

Travelling to the USA?

Hey I am going to do an impromptu trip to the USA maybe Hawaii and the flights cost $1000-$1500 but I was wondering how much spending money i will need, I'm not a big spender I wont be doing much shopping just enough for a cheap place and some food and stuff like that, how muh do you recommend. I'm planning on going for a week. (I am from Australia)

Use travel guides to estimate costs of activities.

Use travel sites to estimate costs for hotels, but you are better off booking through a hotel website and not a travel website. For example:

$50 per day (or part of a day) per person for meals.

Remember to budget for airport transfers and local transportation (ex. taxis).


Citizens of about 35 countries can travel to the USA for up to 90 days at a time as a tourist or for some business purposes by registering for ESTA > before < their trip begins. The…

Coach tours of Hawaii?

I am interested in tours of Hawaii-have only been advised of one by my travel agent.Would like 3-4 islands and approx 12-14 days in June/July-3 star hotels-any ideas??

There are a few choices you have, if you just do some digging you can find your tours and book them pretty easy, there are island tours by bus circumferencing the island with great tour guides, i enjoyed them when i went with my fiance.

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