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The Cheap Travelling In Nepal, India and Sri Lanka

The cheapest countries I travelled so far, perhaps the cheapest travel destinations in the world, are India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. As an example: in Kathmandu, even as a tourist, a smoking traveller like me could spend less money on surviving ánd smoking than he would spend on smoking alone back home.

So, how cheap is it really? Well, here are a few examples:

Hotelrooms: Very basic accommodation in Nepal is ranging from € 3 to € 5 for a double. India has slightly better quality but a huge difference in prices. The cheapest I’ve slept was € 0, 45 for a dorm bed, but that was a huge exception from the € 2 – € 3 I would normally pay for cheap double rooms. to get a good deal, but prices for the most basic accommodation should be similar to India.

Transport: Dirt cheap in India, where you pay the same as the locals. I once paid €0, 04 for a 23 KM trainride and paid € 12 to cross the country from one side of the other, a 50 hour trainride, including 2 nights ‘acommodation’ in the train. Sri Lanka and Nepal both charge tourists considerably more than locals, with bustickets ranging from anywhere to € 1 to € 2 per hour. However, they are both tiny countries compared to India so it will not be a major expense.

Food: Prices in all three countries range from about € 0, 60 in dodgy, but usually decent, local restaurants to € 3, 50 in remote places like the Himalaya’s. cent local meal.

Tours, activities and attractions: These will probably set you back the most. Prices are really, really high compared to what you pay for your food and accommodation. A visit to the Taj Mahal, for example, will set you back around € 10 and that doesn’t even include a guide. I paid almost € 30 just to enter a national park in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, I went on a 3-day-2-night camel safari in Rajastahn where I only paid around € 7 a night, with almost a week accommodation included.

Visas: This must be said. Nepal is terribly expensive with their USD 90 visa for 2 months. Expecially compared to the living costs in the country. India on the other hand is much, much cheaper with € 36 for 6 months and Sri Lanka is definitely worth the USD 20 for a month.

India was expensive to stay at hotels

by dannyboy666

Thailand will be one of the cheapest,7.50dls a nite and up,foods cheap.If you go to Phuket area 25% to 30% more,Pattaya is the cheapest,exciting nitelife,1.00 a beer,cheap accom.,food on the street,for a couple 5.00 to 6.00dls for lunch,train to BKK to Chang Mai about 30dls.I haven't been to China,or Indonesia. When you go to India,i loved Varanasi(on River Ganges,cemations at night)incredible,Agra(taj majal,lots of beggers)dirty town,get in get out,I didn't make it to Goa,but you probably should,I went to Kerala instead,massive houseboats,beautiful beaches,to the East,Jaipur is nice so is Udaipur,Delhi dirty,but got to see a lot of Gandi stuff,assasination site and cremation site, I liked India,liked Mumbai (do slum tour)watch (slumdog millionaire)you will swear you saw some actors...

Pakistani Journalist Accuses Spy Agency of Assassination Attempt  — the Diplomat
India is streamlining its visa policy for Chinese visitors in a move that will encourage greater Chinese tourism and business travel to India.

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Recomended Guide Books for Hawaii?

My family is just begining to plan for our first trip to Hawaii. We want couple of good guide books to help us plan everything. Where to stay, what to do, etc.

There are so many books out there, I was hoping someone would have a suggestion to help us.

Thanks in advance!

It depends on which island you're going to. This should help you get started:

when you get to the baggage claim area, or front airport lobbies, they have tons of Free brochures (some with discount coupons)! Taxi's are too expensive, look in one of the free brochure's for a round trip Shuttle service.

have fun and Aloooooooooooooooooooooha! :o)
p.s. our avatars look almost the same, lol

Best travel book for Hawaii?

Specifically one for Oahu since that's where we will be staying on our vacation. But anyways basically I'm looking for a really good, helpful travel book for Hawaii/Oahu (we are willing to look into visiting the other islands so not a big deal if it's not centered directly on Oahu). We want suggestions for things to do, places to eat, etc. So what is the best travel book to buy?

I have try on and find lots of travel guide and tip about Hawaii you can try all the best....

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