Best places to Stay in India

50 Best Places to Stay in India with Stunning Water Facing Views

Leela KovalamA good waterfront view makes your stay at a retreat worthwhile, a great one however, makes you want to remain there forever. We present to you fifty such spectacular sights that simply take your breath away and transport you to another world.

Get entranced by sparkling turquoise waters, mountains that appear to be melting into the lakes, roaring waves that hit the bottom of a cliff and a lot more…

1. Leela, Kovalam Beach Resort…living on the edge

Perched on the edge of the cliff with roaring waves hitting the shores below, Leela Kovalam Beach Resort’s view in undoubtedly a sight to behold. Just imagine, taking your morning sip of your coffee in the beach facing room, soaking in the sunlight seeping through your window while you see the azure sky on top, the blue Arabian sea waters below amalgamated with the greens of the swaying trees on land.

In the night too, you hear the sweet sounds of the water and get an equally alluring vision.

2. SwaSwara, Gokarna …experience zen

It is difficult to put the magnificence of this place into words. For nature here beautifully intertwines with the living spaces offering a zen like aurora. Hidden away and embraced by dense mushroom of trees on three sides, and fringing upon the calm waterscape surrounded by land are the rustic villas that often cast their brown reflection on the water.

Gokarna is also known as a spiritual retreat and the ideal way to experience this is by meditating on top of the olive hued hill overlooking the sparkling waters of the beach.

SwaSwara Resort3. Oceans Spray…get captivated

A man built environment can seldom match the beauty of nature. Oceans Spray in Pondicherry however, is an exception to this fact. Formed around a man-made lake and spread across five acres of land, this resort is quite a sight.

Making this land exquisite are the differently adorned circular patches connected with a small bridge. Get captivated by towering palm trees, green velvety grass, and a bright blue swimming pool overlooking the lake.

4. Mayfair Palm beach Resort, Gopalpur on Sea…a vision of sunrise and sunset

Ocean Spray Pondy

Located on the Bay of Bengal, Mayfair Palm Beach Resort, Orissa is a paradise of sorts. The hundred old place offers an old warm charm along with the new. Opt for the rooms with sea facing balconies.

It is from here that you get to watch the splendour of the Gopalpur Sea through a beautiful stretch of garden along with swaying trees and plants. The resort has both sunrise and sunset points where you can watch the sun appear and disappear through picturesque sceneries.

5. Hotel Sea face, Kovalam…myriad hues

Hotel Sea face, Kovalam is a place where you get to witness various hues of nature. The greens of the palm trees, browns of the sand, blues of the water, black of the rocks along with the orange of the sun makes for a wonderful sight.

Leela Kovalam Beach Resort Ocean Spray Ocean Spray Pondy Mayfair Palm Resort
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Best places in the world to go for a cheap

by crazee_unchained

#1 Thailand
Odds of getting sick from the food are lower than Mexico, China and India (but right behind them). You can rent a car for $5, rent it from some local place, not from the Internet. Food shouldn't be more than a few bucks. Weather is really nice, people are fantastic. If you go, head down near Phuket but don't stay in Phuket itself. Get a nice place on the beach. Watch out for the jellyfish.
#2 Prague
If you stay just a little bit out the tourist area, you will find places and food ridiculously cheap

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