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Molokai Island, Hawaii - Travel Holidays Guide 2014

Molokai is one of the Hawaiian Islands and is reputed as being the third oldest and fifth largest island among the major Hawaii Islands. Travelers consider this island to be the ‘Most Hawaiian Island’ as it is home to the large number of native Hawaiians than any other island. In addition, the island has been nicknamed as ‘The Friendly Island’ largely because of the residents’ aloha. Multiple flights are offered on a daily basis from Honolulu to Molokai on Pacific Wings. eat fun to hang around with and you get incredible views which you can’t possible see from the water.

Most of the beaches and interesting sights are well spread out over the island and the most preferred way of getting around the island is by tour bus or a car. Car rental desks are easily available at the airport but they only have jeeps and vans for renting out. Considering the fairly expensive nature of gas at the island, it is advisable that you drive with aloha. The roads are fortunately in pretty good shape on the island. You can as well consider travelling by use of horses and mules if you are going for shorter distances. ttractions that are worthy visiting and you can expect to spend a great holiday vacation here.

The Kalaupapa National Historical Park at Molokai is one of the most visited places and used to be the former colony for lepers. You will still find some for former patients as well who opted to stay there and you can spend some time with them. The Molokai Museum & Cultural Center is also worthy a visit and is set on an old but recently restored sugar mill. There is also the Phallic Rock which is exactly as what you would expect. Just take a short but interesting hike from Palaau State Park at the parking lot and make a point of stopping by the Kalaupapa to enjoy some amazing views of the area. Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove consists of a row of beautiful churches that are also worthy a visit. There are also some other churches which were built by Saint Damien and are among the most amazing sights in Molokai.

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Tough choice!

by Pulelehua

I live on Oahu and would be happy to answer any questions you might have. No, I am not a travel agent (although I may be, one day) and I have no interest in any of the businesses. I just love Hawaii and want others to know her as I do.
Maui is, most definitely, more touristy than Kaua’i. One of the most spectacular is Hana and the road that gets you there. Don’t miss the Maui Ocean Center and Haleakala (visit a protea farm on your way back down). Dinner and/or a luau in Lahaina is a lot of fun. (Don’t forget that Molokai and Lanai are considered “part” of Maui; many listing found on Maui web sites are for those islands

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Recomended Guide Books for Hawaii?

My family is just begining to plan for our first trip to Hawaii. We want couple of good guide books to help us plan everything. Where to stay, what to do, etc.

There are so many books out there, I was hoping someone would have a suggestion to help us.

Thanks in advance!

It depends on which island you're going to. This should help you get started:

when you get to the baggage claim area, or front airport lobbies, they have tons of Free brochures (some with discount coupons)! Taxi's are too expensive, look in one of the free brochure's for a round trip Shuttle service.

have fun and Aloooooooooooooooooooooha! :o)
p.s. our avatars look almost the same, lol

Best travel book for Hawaii?

Specifically one for Oahu since that's where we will be staying on our vacation. But anyways basically I'm looking for a really good, helpful travel book for Hawaii/Oahu (we are willing to look into visiting the other islands so not a big deal if it's not centered directly on Oahu). We want suggestions for things to do, places to eat, etc. So what is the best travel book to buy?

I have try on travelcyclopedia.org and find lots of travel guide and tip about Hawaii you can try all the best....

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