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On the Big Island Hawaii accommodations come in a wide variety. You have world class resorts and hotels, vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, and then for the more adventurous you have camping on remote beaches.

I myself was raised with a great respect for the outdoors, so I like to go camping, and have been to some of the more remote camping spots on the Big Island.

My family likes the luxury the hotels and condos have to offer, so when we get visitors, or if it is a special occasion, the resorts are where we go.

Whatever you are looking for, I am confident you will find it here in our section on Big Island Hawaii Accommodations.

Big Island Hawaii accommodations come in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a decadent experience, a world class hotel is definitely what you want. Some of the Big Island Hotels are absolutely amazing.

On the Big Island there are three main areas where there are hotels. Those three areas are Kona, Kohala, and Hilo. pretty much all visitor traffic on the island, so if you are visiting, you will probably land in Hilo or Kona. If you are staying in Kohala, you will land at the Kona airport.

It seems like Kona and Kohala have become the playground for the rich and famous in the last ten years. The airport in Kona, Keahole, has over fifty private jets parked in its hangers during the holiday season.

With establishments like the Four Seasons, the Fairmont, and Hyatt Regency, is it any surprise that we have some of the finest hotels, trendiest stores, and most challenging golf courses found on the planet? Kona and Kohala offer Shopping for the ladies, golf for the gentlemen, and a Five star hotel to relax in...any takers?

My suggestion to anyone visiting our island with a budget, or just with the desire for a more home like environment, would be to get a Big Island condo, or Vacation Rental.

All over the island you will find beautiful, modern condos that are by far cheaper then a stay in the top hotels.

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I'm happy for you, A story of Aloha

by soulbecket

The big island, man, I could do that.Easily.
I had a small memory of living in Hawaii pop into my head today.
I was living in a hotel in Waikiki and takeing the bus that went through fort DeRussey to get to work one afternoon and the bus driver stopped and waited while looking in the rear view mirror and over his shoulder until he rose and went to the open door to look back at middle aged female tourist running towards the bus stop from the hotels.
The woman came within voice range and asked sheepishly if he was waiting for "Me"?
The driver replied in his best pidgeon accent,
"I wait foyou fo evah!"

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Green accommodation options include a hut made from bamboo, a tent under an avocado tree, and a bed in an old bus. Read about more Big Island hotels.

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