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On your way to one of the Islands?

Use these Hawaii travel guide apps to get yourself in the mood, ready to shop and ready to go sight seeing? Find music, shopping, touring. Also find a photo gallery to get you in the spirit of Aloha or to keep you in that spirit. Once Aloha is in your blood it is difficult to forget.

Did you know that Aloha is Hello, Good-bye, love and many other means all in way you say it. Do you know how many islands make up the state of Hawaii? 8 beautiful and individual islands. Some are so lively with nightly entertainment shows at the show rooms, clubs and concert halls. You can go traditional Hawaiian or rock the night away. You might want to get the Spotlight Hawaii magazine app.

No matter how you decide to taking in Hawaii it will be breath taking, warm, friendly and wonderful.

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Spotlight Hawaii Guides
By Spotlight Publishing
3.5 STARS out of 5

I’d give this magazine 5 STARS. One of the best Hawaii travel guides. My favorite Visitor Guides!

Spotlight Hawaii publishes Oahu Gold, Maui Gold, Kauai Gold and Big Island Gold. With special deals, maps, and advice on how to enjoy the Hawaiian Islands, Spotlight Hawaii guides you around paradise. Search the magazines and find coupons and specials on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island. These tourist magazines are all you need for a great vacation. through the iPad magazine and get back the Aloha Spirit. I just love it! Aloha!

FREE Version: &nbsp- &nbspiPhone &nbsp |&nbsp iPod &nbsp |&nbsp iPad

Maui Live!
By American Outback
4.5 STARS out of 5

• Maui Live! includes a complete guide to the Road to Hana
• AND a guide to over 30 of Maui's best beaches, with photos and parking advice
• A guide to Maui's best snorkeling sites, with photos and shore entry advice
• Recommendations, handy Web cam links, and your hand-picked favorites
• All plotted on an offline map of the entire island of Maui, available anywhere and without a cell connection

Big Island Fun

by lisa4peace

In Kona check out Aloha Kayak. We went on a wonderfun kayak trip and picnic that was very reasonably priced with a local guide. Also, drive north to the Waikoloa Beach Marriott. There are trains and canals to view the property and an incredible Chinese Restaurant. You can walk around and view the dolphins at play and watch the sunset. It is magnificent. Visit Parker Ranch in Waimea for the best barbecue you have ever had. We took the mule wagon down into the valley of Waipio. As you leave Hilo travel north and you will path through the most beautiful scenic drive I have ever been on. It is breathtakingly beautiful

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Kate V
Traveling in Europe (Austria-->Greece, the Alps)?

I am going to be studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria for the month of June. I will be allowed a few "free days." The longest time I have free is 5 days, and I have the afternoon after classes end (about 5?) to start my trip.
I would love to go to Greece, but I don't know if I will have enough time to get there and enjoy my time there. How long would it take to get there? and will I have time to relax and hit the beaches?
I would also like to climb the Alps, but is it safe to be an unfamiliar climber on the Alps? I have climbing experience, but I'm not sure how much the…

You could take one of those discount flights and be there by dark. then you spend your time.

If you are in Salzburg, and you want to hike the alps, you probably don't have to hike far from your door. Salzburg is pretty much IN the alps. Really beautiful country. And not that far from Switzerland, if you want to cross the border for a weekend, that should be easy to do.

What you really need to do is set yourself up a longer program of study, like a semester or even a year, so you can REALLY get a feel for your town and the semester,…

Specific places in France?

I want to go to some hidden treasures in France that are not too touristy. Some nice museums, gardens, interesting historical places, etc. If France has the biggest of something, I want to see it (like the biggest, i don't know, tree or icecream bowl)

Be creative please!

Uzes is a town in the languedoc-roussilon (probably spelled that wrong)
it's not too touristy and a beautiful historic town, i lived there for the summer!

if you're going to be in southern france, try montpelier for the beaches and lyon (not really southern) for the food!

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