Activities in Hawaii

Koko Head Crater HikeKoko Head Crater Sunrise Hike

Hike to the top of Koko Head Crater on Oahu, one of the island’s most challenging hikes, with the best views of Oahu! Enjoy this EXCLUSIVE tour with Discover Hawaii Tours!

Oahu Wild Dolphin Snorkel Swim

A can’t miss Hawaii activity, snorkel and swim with wild dolphins off Oahu’s coast. Jump in and witness the playful manner of Spinner Dolphins in their natural habitat.

Hidden Waterfall Hike

70Our Kapena Falls Waterfall Tour takes you through a rainforest on Oahu, where the secluded falls awaits. Discover endemic plants, birds and flowers along the hiking trail.

60-Minute Sacred Falls Helicopter

The most complete of our Oahu helicopter tours, set out for a 60-minute flight to many of Oahu’s must-see sites. Fly over the lush Ko’olau Mountain Range, see Pearl Harbor, and visit Sacred Falls, the tallest waterfall on Oahu, only accessible by helicopter.

45-Minute Hidden Oahu Helicopter

14AExperience Oahu from a bird’s eye view. See the island on an helicopter tour that takes you high above Oahu’s dramatic landscapes and famous landmarks. See the North Shore, historic Pearl Harbor, the Dole Pineapple Plantation, Sacred Falls, hidden valleys, and some of Hawaii’s best kept secrets.

30-Minute Pali-Makani Helicopter

One of the most popular activities in Hawaii, a helicopter ride is one of the most exciting adventures on Oahu! See the entire South Shore of Oahu and historic downtown Honolulu, plus hidden waterfalls and the island’s best beaches during your 30-minute helicopter tour.

Oahu Hidden Waterfall Hike 703 702 701
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$8k in Hawaii, not including honeymoon and rings

by elmira

We live in Hawaii and are having 35 guests (only 15 are local). We're saving in the following ways:
-ceremony at a friend's beachfront home
-no attendants
-small floral budget (it's Hawaii!)
-having the reception at a friend's restaurant
-informal/Aloha wedding attire
Most of our budget is going toward the food, alcohol and the photographer. We're also paying for a few other activities for our wedding week (deep sea fishing for the men and high tea for the women).

Navy Region Hawaii Public Affairs  — Hookelenews
All Navy activities in Hawaii will exercise personnel accountability during HURREX. Command personnel accountability representatives will account for all categories of personnel in the state as directed by an “All NAVACTS” message.

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Kate V
Traveling in Europe (Austria-->Greece, the Alps)?

I am going to be studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria for the month of June. I will be allowed a few "free days." The longest time I have free is 5 days, and I have the afternoon after classes end (about 5?) to start my trip.
I would love to go to Greece, but I don't know if I will have enough time to get there and enjoy my time there. How long would it take to get there? and will I have time to relax and hit the beaches?
I would also like to climb the Alps, but is it safe to be an unfamiliar climber on the Alps? I have climbing experience, but I'm not sure how much the…

You could take one of those discount flights and be there by dark. then you spend your time.

If you are in Salzburg, and you want to hike the alps, you probably don't have to hike far from your door. Salzburg is pretty much IN the alps. Really beautiful country. And not that far from Switzerland, if you want to cross the border for a weekend, that should be easy to do.

What you really need to do is set yourself up a longer program of study, like a semester or even a year, so you can REALLY get a feel for your town and the semester,…

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