Lyon France Travel Guide

Capturing The Essence of Lyon, France

So far, Lyon is my favorite city in France. It has all the benefits of a cosmopolitan city but it feels more like a small town and has a great laid-back atmosphere.

Although there aren’t many attractions per se, it’s a wonderful city to just wander around in soaking up the atmosphere and all the “Frenchness” surrounding you.

Getting There:

Lyon–Saint Exupéry Airport makes it easy to reach the city from all over Europe with several great flights going between UK (Birmingham, London-Luton and Dublin are just a few).

You can use websites like for parking your car at the airport in Birmingham and Luton, and can book your parking there and at other airport locations on their website: .

From the airport you can take the tram-train Rhônexpress to the city for €13 one-way (30 min) – the train is a more convenient way of reaching Lyon with three stations to arrive at, Part-Dieu station being the most central one.

These three things are what for me really capture the essence of Lyon…

City Of Food

Lyon prides itself to be France’s best food capital, and it truly is – that is, if you’re a fan of pig cooked in a hundred different ways..!

One of the main things to do in Lyon is to dine at the many Bouchons (traditional Lyonnaise restaurants), but the menus are excessively meat heavy so there wasn’t much to choose from for vegetarians like us.

Instead, we decided to explore Lyon’s sweets and snacks, which fortunately there was plenty of!

What to eat: Make sure you try the Praline tart and St Martin cheese – two local specialties that are really tasty.

Also make sure to check out the St-Antoine market where stalls sell plenty of local specialities and delicacies - especially during weekends!

Hidden Treasures

There is more to Lyon than what meets the eye – literally. On the historical cobblestoned streets of Lyon are doors leading to old traboules, a type of traditional passageways that are used as a way of moving between buildings hidden from the outside.

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Michelin Guide is pretty much useless

by Ornellaia

For restaurants in Italy. As good as it is in France, in Italy it will lead you to overpriced fancy restaurants serving mediocre food that has been influenced by French techniques. It is good for finding places to stay, specially if you are just winging were you are going to stay. Go with Plotkin and Slowfood instead. A regular poster here who is also a chef just got back from Italy where he was doing research for an upcoming project and he was blown away by the quality of restaurants in the Slowfood Osterie guide. He was dissapointed everytime he ate at a starred Michellin restaurant.

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