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Top 4 Things That Attracts Travellers To Nice, France

Excellent Sightseeing

Sightseeing is the most spectacular activity in Nice. One can see many cathedrals, historic monuments, parks, museums, religious sites and the ancient buildings that are worth a visit. These buildings as well as the monuments are the quintessence of the French art, culture and history. The abandoned ancient fort and the nearby Villa Sir Elton John also offers one of the most impressive and irresistible views with which tourists are captivated at once. Some of the main places travellers should not miss include Moz'art Mosaiques, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Chateau de Bellet, Cimiez Convent, Parc du Mont Boron and others.

Charming Beaches

The city of Nice is also home to several beaches and other natural attractions. The presence of several beaches can start a series of beach activities and water based sports in Nice. So outdoor activities are very popular and the best way to keep oneself busy during one's holidays. The most popular beaches in the city include Promenade des Anglais and Castel beach. Travellers can go for beach volleyball, swimming, surfing, water skiing, canoeing, sailing and other adventure sports. The city has both public and also private beaches, where the former provide free access, and the latter one requires the purchase of entry tickets.

Museums & Art Galleries

If you have been blessed with a zeal for the places of historical knowledge, or gifted with a capacity to love anything about history, then you will probably have a romantic relationship these museums. Nice boasts a wealth of museums. Many paintings, sculptures as well as the historical artifacts are exhibited in museums and galleries. Some of the famous museums worth a visit include the Musee Matisse, Muse National Message Biblique Marc Chagall, Naval Museum, Moz'art Mosaiques and others. rth visiting.


Trip to the beautiful city of Nice is incomplete without a visit to the shops and restaurants lining the streets of this city. There are many department stores and boutiques of Nice, where you can buy souvenirs, gifts, designer clothes and other miscellaneous items. Marks and Spencer department store is the most popular and regularly visited department store of the city. Other famous shopping stores include Avenue Jean Medicin, Galeries Lafayette, Cours Saleya, Marche aux Fleurs. The main shopping street is called av Jean Medecin, and almost the whole range of clothing brand can be found here at a little cheaper prices offered throughout Europe. Your holiday to France will be one you will never forget. Whether you stay in the city of Nice or other places nearby, you will have number of things to do and enjoy.

Re: Paris, Amsterdam & Barcelona

by hastypuddinng

Don't recall if Spain is in the EU but the Netherlands and France are. The Euro roughly = $1.56. Your USD is about 2/3 of a Euro. From that alone it's going to cost you more.
I suggest you look online. Contact their national tourist offices in the U.S. Or get guidebooks for your destinations to look for things within your budget.

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