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Leading UK tour operators endorse Hangzhou as Top Leisure Destination in China

HangzhouSeveral leading tour operators from the UK, Germany and France recently returned from a successful familiarization visit to Hangzhou where they were given the opportunity to experience first-hand the quality and variety of leisure activities which have been captivating domestic visitors for generations. Representatives in the UK from Kuoni, Carrier, Abercrombie & Kent, Cox & Kings, CTS Horizons, Destinology and Regent Holidays spent time on the city’s famed West Lake where they took in the nationally popular Impress West Lake nightly extravaganza, and later explored the Xixi Wetlands National Park – China’s first and only wetlands park.

The group, including key operators from Germany, France and the USA, visited the city’s Longjin tea plantation area, and the ancient Grand Canal, the world’s oldest and longest man-made canal stretching from Beijing to Hangzhou. Also on the itinerary was the revered Lingyin Buddhist temple – one of China’s oldest and most spectacular ancient monuments – and the nearby Aman Fayun resort. The group of nearly 30 operators stayed at the five-star Sheraton Xixi Wetlands Resort and inspected other luxury hotels including the Four Seasons located on West Lake; the Banyan Tree Xixi Wetlands Hotel, the contemporary Dragon Hotel; the Zhejiang Narada Hotel, the Marco Polo hotel, and the four-star Friendship hotel.

Commented Keira Welsted of Kuoni: “From the moment I landed into Hangzhou it blew me away; the beauty of the destination was so much more than what I had anticipated. The stunning West Lake, Green Tea plantations, temples, botanical gardens and high quality hotels. The fascination of the friendly locals, streets lined with flowers and the cleanliness was outstanding. I will with pride recommend Hangzhou as a destination that must be visited on any trip to China.” Another leading tour operator, Simon Lynch – Head of Retail for Abercrombie and Kent, further comments: “This is an excellent destination and one we can drive high spending business….Hangzhou is a perfect retreat at the end of a trip and can be coupled with some excellent theatre and food.”

My best friend visited shore excursions in st petersburg russia and they were pleasant to him.
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Hate to be a weenie alarmist, but another tour operator has closed as of today, so far havent announced refunds...A large number of non US tour operators doing business in the US are USTOA members, Air France is a good example. So I would personally rather always be safe. For the Mideast, IsramWorld is a good USTOA choice. Also be sure to pay by credit card! Good luck!

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Best Travel Guide to Paris? (or even France, in general)?

I went to Paris last year and used the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide but was wondering if there's a more detailed one available, it's great for a short trip but I'm looking for one where I could plan a couple months for. Any good suggestions for travel guides??

The Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Guides have always been best for me for detail and practical information- I would recommend the DK France guide and the Frommer's France guide and Best Loved Driving Tours of France. I have found Frommer's in general has the best restaurant information, but I have been often been confused/lost by their street maps- DK's are easier for me to follow. Frommer's does have interesting historical information that I haven't found in other guides. The only advantage of the other guides I've read are that they contain actual admission prices (at the time of…

Travel to WW1/WW2 Battlefield sites....?

Has anyone travelled privately and used local guides to visit these sites? Planning to travel in small family group, 3 males, and wonder if anyone can give advice, contacts etc.

Get a car, a cross channel ticket, a map and a good guide book..thats what ive done in the past..Ive done the beaches of Normandy, The Dams of dambusting fame, Auschwitz , the channel islands , Colditz , the Ardene and whats left of the Somme...The best bit of advice i can give you, especially in France, is to talk to the locals..Most are only to happy to point you in the right direction and you will uncover things and stories(sometimes eyewitness accounts) that the books dont cover..Its amazing what you can discover just by accessing local knowledge

What to do in Paris, france ?

Im a 17 year old girl im going to paris in summer for 3 weeks.. now i wanna know what can i do other than visiting all the tourisy places (which i will be visiting ofcourse) but i wanna experience life in paris as much as i can in these 3 weeks if theres any clubs,pubs,gatherings neighborhoods i should visit and check out please tell me about them cause id love to go to them :D and whats the drinking age there ?

The legal age for buying alcohol is 18.

You can just wander from place to place. Paris has many beautiful streets and parks and promenades. I suggest a good travel guide book for Paris - DK Eyewitness Travel Guides is a great publication, but there are many others available - and read it before you go.

Also, learn a few phrases of French and be able to use them. Things like Hello, goodbye, please, thank you and Do you speak English? are very useful.

Best guide book for Europe traveling?

Going to Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, Scotland, England, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Italy, and a few others I forgot. What is a good book to have to tell you places to eat/visit in that town? Is there one big book that does it all? Thank you.

Yes indeed, there is "one big book" that is good for traveling throughout Europe. Actually, there are two.

The oldest and most trusted is "Let's Go: Europe." It is published by Harvard Student Agencies and is annually updated by teams of students who go roaming throughout Europe. It is renowned for its frank, candid descriptions and practical advice. In fact, it is so frank that during the Cold War years, it was frequently confiscated from travelers who crossed into the Soviet bloc.

Another excellent guide for young travelers is Rick…

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