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Incredible All-Inclusive Resorts in Europe

The Cargese Resort, FranceEurope is known for blending the modern with the historic, and traces of the old world can be found in the hippest nightclubs to the best of fine dining no matter which country you visit. For many travelers, the intoxicating atmosphere of the old mixed with all the luxuries of the new makes them wish for the type of indulgent vacation that only an all-inclusive resort can offer. Unfortunately, if you’re on a vacation in Europe all-inclusive resorts can be difficult to find. There are some gems to be found, however. Here are three fun all-inclusive resorts in Europe to make your vacation booking easier:

The Cargese Resort

Located on the west coast of Corsica, the Cargese Resort of France offers stunning views Gulf of Sagone and of Chiumi beach. This resort offers bungalow styled accommodations that are spread over the resort’s 32 acres.Club Med Beldi, Turkey vities that can be great for both children and adults. The resort’s close proximity to the Mediterranean also allows for it to deliver a great selection of seafood daily.

Club Med Village of Beldi

The Beldi Resort of Turkey is located along the Mediterranean coastline just south of the Taurus Mountains which are inundated with various ancient ruins. The resort is also a part of the Turkish Riviera, an area in which both history and mythology are fused as one. At the Beldi resort, guests can either choose to stroll through one of the hotel’s many parks, groves, and gardens, or choose to embark on an adventure to the markets of ancient ruins.

The Resort of Napitia

Located just outside of the hustle and bustle normally associated with Italy’s cities is the resort Napitia. Napitia is located in the south of Italy, and the Club Med resort is situated on a clabria beach which produces the calming smells of eucalyptus and pine. This resort is a particularly good choice for families as it allows them access to some of Italy’s best historic destinations while also providing all the comforts and activities normally associated with a all-inclusive resort.

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Look into Sandals resorts

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If you want a resort, the Sandals brand has a good reputation. Check tripadvisor for reviews of the specific resort name.
If going soon, stay away from the French Caribbean islands, lot's of protests. France has sent extra police to its Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique after escalating protests regarding unemployment.

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Best Travel Guide to Paris? (or even France, in general)?

I went to Paris last year and used the DK Eyewitness Travel Guide but was wondering if there's a more detailed one available, it's great for a short trip but I'm looking for one where I could plan a couple months for. Any good suggestions for travel guides??

The Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Guides have always been best for me for detail and practical information- I would recommend the DK France guide and the Frommer's France guide and Best Loved Driving Tours of France. I have found Frommer's in general has the best restaurant information, but I have been often been confused/lost by their street maps- DK's are easier for me to follow. Frommer's does have interesting historical information that I haven't found in other guides. The only advantage of the other guides I've read are that they contain actual admission prices (at the time of…

Travel to WW1/WW2 Battlefield sites....?

Has anyone travelled privately and used local guides to visit these sites? Planning to travel in small family group, 3 males, and wonder if anyone can give advice, contacts etc.

Get a car, a cross channel ticket, a map and a good guide book..thats what ive done in the past..Ive done the beaches of Normandy, The Dams of dambusting fame, Auschwitz , the channel islands , Colditz , the Ardene and whats left of the Somme...The best bit of advice i can give you, especially in France, is to talk to the locals..Most are only to happy to point you in the right direction and you will uncover things and stories(sometimes eyewitness accounts) that the books dont cover..Its amazing what you can discover just by accessing local knowledge

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