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Donc (so). Buying airline tickets is a little more complicated than I supposed. ((SIGH))

After our two-hour-long-on-line-airline-ticket-purchase experience and with the last whispered breath of morning internet connection, my husband received an email notification from the French ticket company. It said that my French bank card had been declined. Since it had taken three attempts with both our French bank cards to get the site to accept our payment, I assumed this was merely an electronic notification from one of the failed attempts.

But I was wrong.

Their email said we had twelve hours from our six a.m. Sunday purchase to contact their accounting department and clear up our payment problems or we would lose our reservations. The email also thanked us for our confidence in their booking site.

I called.

But the only thing that customer service finally did was extend their deadline for erasing our ticket order till Monday morning. This is supposed to give us time to have our spending “ceiling” raised at our French bank. And this still may not preserve the seats. They retain the right to sell the seats from under us until the moment our payment clears.

There’s enough money in my French bank to buy these tickets 13 times. This account contains our living expense money. I didn’t know I had a spending “ceiling”. I assumed I could spend my money when I needed to live.

Silly me. This is France.

There are strict limits on how much cash I can withdraw each month from teller machines. Seven days must pass between each withdrawal. My debit card has frequent electronic mis-fires and declines payments. I must carry back-up cash to cover any purchase I plan to make using it. I pay extra monthly fees for my high-end debit card service plan and receive zero interest.

So I asked the ticket customer service dude to “try” my American credit card. He said it was also declined for having a“low ceiling”. But I know there’s enough “ceiling” on this credit card to buy these tickets three times over.This is my emergency bailout credit card. I’ve used it from time to time to be sure it works in France but I keep it’s balance at zero.

He refused to “try” a third card I have with a Dutch/American bank. This is my emergency cash bailout card. He refused to split the purchase to more than one card.

He will only do business with me again after I talk to my French bank to have my “ceiling” raised. No other bank card will do.

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Airline ticket scam **Christian Chaubard**

by dontbuyfromhim

As part of the newly reorganized
department, they have conducted an
investigation involving an airline ticket
fraud that occurred in October 2006. The
victims, Kensington residents, purchased
four round-trip tickets for a trip to France,
totaling approximately $3,200, from
Christian Chaubard, who is now a lead
suspect in the investigation. When the
purchasers arrived at the airport to catch
their flight, they were advised by the
airline that the tickets were invalid, and
they would need to purchase new tickets
totaling $14,000

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