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philippine airlines france Philippine Airlines will soon be able to launch a second route to Europe after France and the Philippines concluded a successful round of air negotiations.

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According to the Civil Aeronautics Board, officials just completed three days of talks that will enable the country's flag carrier to restore flights to Paris after an absence of sixteen years. "We agreed on seven flights per week between the Philippines and France, " said Carmelo Arcilla, Executive Director of the Civil Aeronautics Board. "Seven is the limit that the French are willing to agree for now, although we were asking for at least 14."

The last time Philippine Airlines flew to Paris was in 1998 when it operated four flights per week. Flights were cancelled due to the Asian Financial Crisis. Four flights were the maximum allowable number of weekly flights under the old air services agreement that was signed in 1969. In addition to increasing the current limit up to seven weekly flights allowing for a new daily service to commence, France also agreed to third-country code sharing for Air France and KLM on the Paris-Manila route via Amsterdam.

"This means that Air France can operate from Paris to Manila via Amsterdam, using KLM as the operating carrier, " said Arcilla. "This means possible additional flights from Europe that will support travel and tourism." KLM currently operates a service between Amsterdam and Manila via Taipei. Additional flights would give Filipino travellers more options for travelling to Paris to enjoy the many attractions in the City of Light.philippine airlines flights to france

Arcilla added that Philippine carriers may partner with any Southeast or East Asian airline for its third country code sharing rights on flights to Paris. Meanwhile, Philippine Airlines continues to look at launching more flights to Europe this year with a number of destinations being considered including Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Rome. The Philippines and Italy signed a new air service agreement recently allowing fourteen flights per week between the two nations.

The renewed interest in Europe comes after the European Union lifted a ban that prevented Philippine Airlines from mounting flights to the region due to significant air safety concerns. Philippine Airlines restored flights to London Heathrow in November 2012. The lifting of the ban was only conditional and other carriers from the Philippines are still not permitted to mount any flights to Europe. Cebu Pacific has a pending application before the European Union to lift the ban preventing the country's largest low-cost carrier from serving the region. A decision on Cebu Pacific's application is expected within the first six months of 2014.

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