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Pincho Factory Burger Brunch, South Florida Burger Week

South_Florida_The_Burger_Week_Miami_Logo_2014_layered_RevPincho Factory
30 Giralda Ave
Coral Gables, FL 33134

- The Burger Week Goes to South Florida May 9 & 10, 2014 -

The Burger Week is a 7-day celebration of trendsetting chefs and unique burgers with a series of daily events.

Hashtag = #BurgerWeek Tweet: @BurgerConquest

One of my favorite things to do is travel and when I do it, I like to eat Burgers where ever I am. It’s a great way to connect with other Burger fanatics, try regional specialities and to turn even your business travels into a mini-Eatcation. That last one is part of the motivation in taking The Burger Week down to South Florida, which is way outside of it’s origins in New York. But, one event, the Burger Beast Burger Brawl that is, does not make a Burger “week.” However, I figured I could kick off the idea by adding another event and calling it the The First Ever South Flordia Burger Week(end.)

Miami_Burger_Week_End_Burger_Conquest_FL_Pincho_Factory_Burger_Brunch_Burger_Maker_facebookUpon obtaining the Burger Beast’s blessing (which went down kind of ), I then asked if he could suggest the perfect restaurant to partner with and bring the Burger Week’s signature off-menu Burger Brunch to South Florida. Without any hesitation he suggested the Pincho Factory. They are known for really crazy specials and unique Burger builds based on different regional and ethnic Foods and I’ve been DYING to eat there. After only one very excited conversation with owner Nedal Ahmed, I knew we were in the right hands.

Miami_Burger_Week_End_Burger_Conquest_FL_Pincho_Factory_Burger_Brunch_Burger_Maker_051014_5015PINCHO FACTORY BURGER BRUNCH

- for an off-menu Burger Brunch Party and Beer Tasting -

Pincho Factory
30 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134
2:00 pm



  • Croquetessa: Chuck Brisket and Short Rib Croqutte Patty, Swiss Cheese, Mustard, Pickles, Mayo on a Brioche Roll
  • Little Kahuna: Charred Pineapple, Fried Onions, Mango Chili Sauce and Jack Cheese on a Burger.
  • Lamb Slider: Harissa, Goat Cheese, Tomato, Cucumber, Herbs
  • Side dish: Toston “Fries” with Lemon Aioli

The Pincho Factory has made their name of serving unique and quality Foods, especially around their Burger menu. Ever since The Burger Beast told me about them, I’ve wanted to eat there. It was cemented once I saw the Burger Beast take George Motz there on the Miami episode of “Burger Land.” Thanks to an introduction to by Burger Beast to owner Nedal, it’s now happening.

Miami_Burger_Week_End_Burger_Conquest_FL_Pincho_Factory_Burger_Brunch_Burger_Maker_051014_5026On Saturday, May 10th, The Pincho Factory will turn over there Coral Gables location to the Burger curious of South Florida for an off-menu Burger Brunch. You’ll be treated to 4 of their speciality items that are constantly being requested; a Chuck Brisket Croquetessa, 2 different Burgers and Toston Fries. It will also come with a beer tasting, from Lagunitas. Don’t wait to get your tickets, there is only one seating and only a limited amount of Burger fanatics will get to join myself and The Burger Beast for this awesome one-time meal.

From my first conversation with Nedal, I thought this event was going to be great. When he sent me the menu, I knew it was going to be awesome. I started counting the minutes until it happened. You would think that after 9 days of eating 44 different Burgers, I would have no palette or stomach to eat more but that was not the case. I could not wait for this one.

Croquetessa: Chuck Brisket and Short Rib Croqutte Patty, Swiss Cheese, Mustard, Pickles, Mayo on a Brioche Roll.

Miami_Burger_Week_End_Burger_Conquest_FL_Pincho_Factory_Burger_Brunch_Burger_Maker_051014_5023 Miami_Burger_Week_End_Burger_Conquest_FL_Pincho_Factory_Burger_Brunch_Burger_Maker_051014_5030

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Identify this fish florida?

They were traveling in a school in my lake, about 70 of them, none would eat worms, or artificial worms, they sort of looked like grass carp except they werent, pictures up soon, thank you
oh and they were always at the top of the water, i live in sw florida an hour south of sarasota and it was in my freshwater lake.

It was probably American Shad. Check out this interesting article on Shad fishing the St. Johns River-

However, it COULD be Mullet. Your lake may have some outlet to Saltwater/Brackish water that you are unfamiliar with.

OR it could be Shiners or Common Carp.

I'm anxious to see the pic......Hope this helps ya?

PS- It could be Suckers- but they generally live in streams and rivers in Florida.

Here's a excerpt from the FWC website on Suckers-

"In Florida, spotted suckers are strictly river…

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