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Miami is located on the Atlantic coast of Florida at the southern tip and is one of the most popular cities visited by tourists from around the world. Most arrive at Florida’s busiest airport: Miami International Airport. Miami is also known as the cruise capital of the world with ships sailing from Port Miami (located in Biscayne Bay) to destinations around the world.

Miami weather is warm all year around

The weather in Miami is warm year around and usually very hot and humid during the summer months. Most tourists prefer to visit during October through April. Outdoor sports and swimming are open all seasons, so be sure to take your swimming suit and plenty of cool clothing. A sun hat and a good sunscreen are essential even in the winter months. In Miami, dress is always casual, with sundresses, jeans or walking shorts appropriate during the day. A few higher-class restaurants require jackets and ties, but most do not.

Hundreds of thousands of Hispanic immigrants from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Central America and South America have settled in Miami. Spanish is spoken almost everywhere in the city. Many signs are in both English and Spanish especially those near the Latin district known locally as “Little Havana”. Cubans originally settled in the area around Calle Ocho Street (Southwest Eighth Street) more than 20 years ago. Today, this colorful area embraces immigrants from all over Latin America.

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Miami’s prevalent Hispanic and Latino population is evident in many of its communities and neighborhoods.

Miami and Miami Beach are two different cities

Miami and Miami Beach are actually two distinctly different cities. Miami Beach, located on the outer bank is almost exclusively tourist orientated, and consists mainly of hotels and vacation apartments. Miami, located on the mainland, is a cosmopolitan city with a distinctly Latin American flavor.

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San Diego to San Fran-guide for travel virgins?

by quidditian

My best friend of 16 years and I are both hermits. He lives in Florida, I've lived in San Diego for the past 6 years. Other than an annual vacation to see each other in our respective towns, neither of us goes more than a 20 mile radius outside our front door.
Last year, while I was visiting him in Florida, we had a Big Fake Wedding to commemorate our bond. Now we're going to take a Big Fake Honeymoon. Though we're both terrified of leaving our safe little wombs, we've decided to drive up the Cali coast from San Diego to San Fran. We have no idea what the must-sees along the way might be

More than One Million Birds Died During Deepwater Horizon Disaster  — Audubon Magazine
It killed wildlife, tainted fisheries, and damaged coastal ecosystems from marshes in Louisiana to beaches in Florida.

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Where are some cheap resorts in the Florida/Alabama panhandle area?

With family activities near by, for a family reunion event

There are two areas in the Florida Panhandle that you'll find cheap resorts. The first is Pensacola Beach. It is a smaller area so the prices are reasonable and there is still enough activities to keep the family busy. You can find more about their hotels and resorts on . Another option that is still affordable but will have much more to do is Panama City Beach. They have built a ton of hotels and condos the past few years so the rates have gone down and the quality has gone up. You can visit for more info and hotels. Hope this helps!

Is there a clothing optional resort in the upper panhandle of Florida?

We are going on vacation and have an extra day to spend and I wanted to bring my other half to clothing optional resort for a day but we are only going into the upper panhandle... anyone know of one?

Map of clothing optional or nude resorts in Florida is here:

Naturist Resort near Pensacola might need your needs.

in mind though, this is a nudist resort, not a clothing optional one. If it's your significant other's first time - it might be a bit much.

I've never been to Riviera before, although I have been to Caliente in Tampa. While I realize that's not panhandle - I'd also point out that resort is indeed clothing optional (vice nude), it's also quite well done - many naturist clubs can be a bit rustic.

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