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Florida's Edible Wild Plants: A Guide to Collecting and Cooking
by Peggy Sias Lantz
Publisher: Seaside Publishing
Released: May 2nd 2014
Genre: Non-Fiction- Wild Edibles, nature
How I got it: NetGalley

Living off the land is a romantic idea, but in practice it can be confusing. So instead we buy nuts someone else picked for us, berries packaged hundreds of miles away, and greens that may or may not contain contaminants.

Fully illustrated with photos and drawings to help with identification, Florida’s Edible Wild Plants demystifies the process of foraging to help you discover the wonder of finding and eating wild plants that may grow right in your own backyard. Peggy Lantz shares her fifty years’ experience gathering and preparing wild edibles and bringing them to her family’s table. tical knowledge is interspersed with recipes, and Lantz shares her own anecdotes about searching for and finding new plants, as well as serving “weeds” to her curious friends.

From acorns to wild sorrel, from duck potato soup to elderberry champagne, this easy-to-use guide provides general information about the most common wild edibles in Florida that are not only good for you but also delicious. And the tips for preparing them are indispensable. Lantz offers specific advice for locating and harvesting the different edible parts of each plant, whether it’s gathering walnuts in the Panhandle or making jelly from coco plums in the Keys.

Castle Tales of Old Florida
Book (Castle)

I need some info about working in florida

by eta195

I'm about ready to retire and want to work a little in florida when i move down there and want to know what the rules are. i'm a licensed electrician and plumber in new york and want to work part time or for myself when i want to. i would like to be a all around handy man or work for cash since if i work on the books it comes off my retirement. can anyone help or advise? thanks

More than One Million Birds Died During Deepwater Horizon Disaster  — Audubon Magazine
It killed wildlife, tainted fisheries, and damaged coastal ecosystems from marshes in Louisiana to beaches in Florida.

Pineapple Press A Land Remembered
Book (Pineapple Press)
  • Great product!
Gallopade Intl My First Book About Florida (The Florida Experience)
Book (Gallopade Intl)


Where are some cheap resorts in the Florida/Alabama panhandle area?

With family activities near by, for a family reunion event

There are two areas in the Florida Panhandle that you'll find cheap resorts. The first is Pensacola Beach. It is a smaller area so the prices are reasonable and there is still enough activities to keep the family busy. You can find more about their hotels and resorts on . Another option that is still affordable but will have much more to do is Panama City Beach. They have built a ton of hotels and condos the past few years so the rates have gone down and the quality has gone up. You can visit for more info and hotels. Hope this helps!

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