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best Florida vacation spotsFlorida has everything you could need in a vacation: Beaches, amusements parks, museums, stores, sunny skies, and beautiful resorts and villas. What makes Florida particularly wonderful is its appeal to families. There’s always something for everyone to do, no matter the age. It’s your opportunity to enjoy the Caribbean without leaving the country. It’s too big a place to see all at once, but you have to start somewhere. Consider renting a Florida vacation home or condo to spice up your stay! Here are the five best vacation spots in Florida.

1. Orlando

When most people think of Florida, they think of Orlando. No matter your age, everyone can enjoy Walt Disney World – a sprawling, enchanting place. Here you can enjoy four giant theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot Center, and MGM Studios), several waterparks, and endless hotels, restaurants, and shopping. Tour their golf courses, auto track, sports complex, and dozens of other attractions.

Nearby, you have Universal Studios and their island parks and theme-based rides. “Ride the movies” and stay in luxury resorts. Seaworld is one of the world’s largest indoor/outdoor aquariums. Legoland is a kids’ favorite, too.

Florida vacation home rentalsIf you have kids, Orlando should be your first Florida vacation stop. Your little ones can meet all their favorite movie character, dine in castles, see shows and parades, and ride whimsical rides. Don’t miss all the opportunities for wonderful memories.

2. Miami

Miami, a cultural hotspot, is home to one of the country’s most intense nightlife scenes. The Latin-inspired music seems to never stop and there’s a bar/cafe at every corner. The beachfront is perfect for relaxation or ocean sports. Ocean Drive is one of the go-to spots in Miami where you can walk down the street passing street-side cafes/restaurants, iconic hotels, clubs, stores for shopping, and more while on the opposite side of you there is beautiful South Beach. The beaches are white and soft, and the ocean is crystal blue – perfect for snorkeling or diving. Another amazing place that is a bit more quiet than Ocean Drive is Lincoln Road. Here you will find a variety of restaurants with outside dining and unique stores to shop at. Miami is also known for having some of the finest golf resorts in the world. If you’re looking to spend your vacation partying, shopping or even relaxing, you’ll love Miami.

Buy where you can rent weekly

by bubba_bubbles

If you buy in a hot vacation area you can rent out weekly for more cash and cover your mortgage. The best way to go is to get a vacation property manegment company to worry about the details and block off whatever time you want the house for yourself.
The best way to find places to do this is just think of some hot vacation places and do a Google of "Vacation Rentals"+name of town. A few good spots would be Hood River OR, South Padre TX, Palm Springs CA, the Florida Keys, Long Island, Hatteras NC, ect.

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Where are some cheap resorts in the Florida/Alabama panhandle area?

With family activities near by, for a family reunion event

There are two areas in the Florida Panhandle that you'll find cheap resorts. The first is Pensacola Beach. It is a smaller area so the prices are reasonable and there is still enough activities to keep the family busy. You can find more about their hotels and resorts on . Another option that is still affordable but will have much more to do is Panama City Beach. They have built a ton of hotels and condos the past few years so the rates have gone down and the quality has gone up. You can visit for more info and hotels. Hope this helps!

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