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Why I Love Fort Lauderdale

The Bonnet House's lush courtyard (Photograph by Tach_RedGold&Green, Flickr)Fort Lauderdale was my first stop on a two-week journey to explore some of the sunniest places in America. And after an epic East Coast winter, I was more than ready to cast off the darkness and skip ahead to summer. I was armed with my warm-weather essentials: Maui Jim sunglasses, Wakaya ginger pills and Aloha green juice powder (two of my favorite power tools to stay healthy when I’m traveling), and a stack of beach reads.

Fort Lauderdale used to be known as a raucous spring break haven in the 1980s, with hundreds of thousands of college coeds descending upon the city each year for a 24-7 celebration of all things frivolous and decadent. But after the locals finally put their foot down and declared, “Enough!, ” the binge-drinking crowd has all but vanished, paving way for new, more grown-up kind of place.

People SUPing through the canals of Fort Lauderdale (Photograph by Annie Fitzsimmons)I sought out the the city’s welcoming waterways within a couple hours of arriving, hopping on a catamaran tour led by Mike and Gary of Tropical Sailing. We glided past canal-side mansions, from grand plantation-style beauties to warm-hued stunners with a decidedly Mediterranean vibe, with the wind in our hair as the sun set on the Atlantic.

My fellow passengers included three families–with a total of nine kiddos–that vacation together in a new destination each year. Why’d they pick Fort Lauderdale? Their tale of fishing in the canals for what would become their dinner–freshly caught snapper grilled with lemon and olive oil–said it all.

Back on land, I quickly learned to allow extra time for the drawbridges that stop traffic to allow boats to pass. “They only go up when I am late for something, ” one local complained. Just another example of the minor delays that always seem to hinder a traveler’s hurried path.

Many of the historic homes I toured were formal and staid, which made so refreshingly appealing. This whimsical oceanfront treasure, with its wrought-iron railings imported from New Orleans, was built in 1920 as a tropical retreat for Frederic Clay Bartlett, a wealthy artist from chilly Chicago. By the time you’re finished exploring the mansion, you feel as though you know the man who had it built, as every corner of the place is stamped with Bartlett’s unmistakable brand of quirk.

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Florida Vacation

by lawboy33

I have a Florida vacation for two that I am selling for $1600. It includes a cruise to Puerto Vallerta, three days/two nights in Orlando and two day/one night in Fort Lauderdale (before the cruise). Includes passes to Universal Studios Orlando and free eats at the Radisson Hotels you will be staying in.
I know it sounds too good to be true but I promise it is not a scam. I have more details please email if interested. I am willing to so take best offer as well. The only cost you will really have is your airfare as it will also include free car rental. You will only be responsible for taxes on the car and gas of course.

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Where are some cheap resorts in the Florida/Alabama panhandle area?

With family activities near by, for a family reunion event

There are two areas in the Florida Panhandle that you'll find cheap resorts. The first is Pensacola Beach. It is a smaller area so the prices are reasonable and there is still enough activities to keep the family busy. You can find more about their hotels and resorts on . Another option that is still affordable but will have much more to do is Panama City Beach. They have built a ton of hotels and condos the past few years so the rates have gone down and the quality has gone up. You can visit for more info and hotels. Hope this helps!

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