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dolphin2I am from Wisconsin. I am very familiar with that incredible desire for winter to end. The need to get somewhere warm. That is what makes Winter and the first half of Spring so popular. If you don’t get your reservation early enough, you will have trouble finding a place. Not to mention, you will be paying a lot more for your week anywhere you do find. If you can hold off until May, it will not only be easier to find a place, but less expensive. Most home owners will put specials or discounts on their homes for any of the weeks in May. Most family’s with children won’t travel during the last month of school, which removes a high percentage of vacation home renters from the pool, leaving a desperate battle for those of you left that are willing to travel in May. May also brings incredible fishing for things like Tarpon, Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), Bonefish, Marlin, Shark, Grouper, Permit, Snapper and much more.Hating Winter k months in advance. This includes not only Summer, but Holiday’s like the week before and after Easter, all of march, also known as Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years. Vacation home owners usually charge an extra 30% – 70% on top of their normal fee’s for these holiday’s. They also charge increased fee’s for Mini-Lobster Season (which is the week including the last Wednesday & Thursday in July) and the first two weeks of Lobster season (which includes the week with August 6th and the following week).

The other great time of year to rent a vacation home in the keys is the Fall. September, October, November, & the first half of December are slow, mostly due to a misconception. Hurricane season. Hurricane season runs the end of July through the beginning of November. 51 of the last 64 came in August & September. Only 3 Major (Class 4 or 5) Hurricanes hit the Florida Keys since 1851. Yes, that’s ONLY 3 since 1851 (eighteen-fifty-one).

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I moved to Florida (West Coast of Florida) a few years ago from California. When I moved it was cheap to live here and buy a house. I love the Keys and the ride down, there is nothing better than flying in to Miami and renting a car and driving down the keys, it's gorgeous, best road trip ever. Key West is a blast to visit. Last time I was there it was Goom Day (caribbean halloween type festival), Jimmy Buffet Parrot Head convention and a drag queen parade all going at the same time. Lots of funkiness and a gay friendly culture and gorgeous scenery. The people who live there are mostly early retirees and transient types

More than One Million Birds Died During Deepwater Horizon Disaster  — Audubon Magazine
It killed wildlife, tainted fisheries, and damaged coastal ecosystems from marshes in Louisiana to beaches in Florida.

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