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YOLO boarding on your Florida beach vacation

Stand-up paddleboard surfer. Credit: Mike BairdBy Maria Mora

Standing for “You nly Live nce, ” YOLO boarding is a relatively new water sport involving a hybrid paddleboard that can be used as a traditional surfboard. Originating in California and inspired by historic Hawaiian surfboards, stand-up paddleboarding is a popular sport in Florida and growing in popularity on many other beach vacations.

This well-known destination for beach vacations sports, with dozens of beachside resorts. Stay at the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort and head to the Sandestin Baytowne Marina for YOLA board group lessons. Once you’ve learned the ropes, book a YOLO fishing tour. In the evening, cool down and visit one of the free Wednesday-night concert series events.

St. Petersburg
Thanks to the tranquil waters of Tampa Bay and the vibrant shores of the Gulf Beaches, St. Petersburg is home to an active YOLO boarding community. Rent a board and head to the Weedon Island Preserve for an adventure through wild mangrove-lined canals. Stay at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club for easy access to the bay and the beaches.

One of the newer YOLO boarding destinations, this tranquil Gulf Coast island offers a mix of mom-and-pop beachside hotels and luxury resorts. If you’re traveling with family, try the South Seas Island Resort for a full-service getaway. Visit YOLO Watersports for rentals and lessons in Sanibel and Captiva.

Key West
Home of the annual Key West Paddleboard Classic, Key West inspires open-ocean paddleboarders and YOLO boarders. Thanks to the tropical waters and gorgeous scenery, Key West is a great place to explore this eco-friendly water sport. Plan your Florida vacation for May 15 to witness the race and the chance to meet expert YOLO boarders, including reigning champion Gary Wise.

Spastic vacation time!

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Funky Floridiana: Weirdly wonderful attractions along the way  —
.. are someone's quirky creations, and most are worth a look if you happen to be traveling the area. Besides, a visit to any of these spots makes for good retelling. • Here then is a selection of the oddest attractions in Florida.

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Holidays to Disney World Florida?

Hi I'm confused about how to book a holiday to Disney land. Is it cheaper to get all inclusive with regards to flights and park tickets or get separately? Looking at lake buena vista. How many park tickets are needed? There are 6 of us going for possible 10 days. Thanks!

You posted your question on the Orlando section, and it's clear you mean the park in Florida. Keep in mind that Disney World is in Orlando while Disney Land is near Los Angeles.

You may or may not be able to save by booking the different elements as a package. Compare carefully.

In my opinion, you are MUCH better off staying either at a Disney on-site hotel or one of the hotels connected to the WDW transportation system (examples: Hilton & Holiday Inn on Hotel Plaza Boulevard).

That way you can use your hotel as a base and go to it during the…

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